These include models 4024, 3024, 4042, 3042, 4022, 3022, and 4046, 3064, 4062, 3062, 2564, 2562. Follow Steps 1 through 3 outlined below: Multiple Genie Garage Door Opener Programming for GWKP- All garage doors will use the same PIN: Model 3:  Programming instructions for the GK-BX Wireless Intellicode Keyad. Test keypad by sliding the cover up until it latches. While the purple light is blinking go to the keypad and enter your programmed PIN and press the Up/Down arrow key 3 or 4 times, until the door activates. Select a 4-digit PIN and enter this PIN followed by the # key. press PROG again (red LED blinks twice per second). Test by entering your PIN and pressing the “Up/Down Arrow” key to operate your door. Close the cover. Look at the chart below and write down the corresponding Door Code Number. Test by entering the PIN and pressing the UP/DOWN arrow key once. Part 1 To Reset your Genie of Fairview Intellicode Wireless Keypad follow these steps. Do not use the # or star key. Go to next machine and follow steps 8 to 13. It is NOT compatible with Genie Intellicode transmitters (if your keypad has Intellicode printed on the cover, go to the next set of programming instructions below). To access, press inward, under the number pad lip while sliding downward to expose the battery. Programming your GK-BX for the newest line of Genie garage door openers. ", "Through the years whenever I have worked with Genie of Fairview they have consistently been fairly priced, quickly available, and very detail oriented in their service. Reset keypad by sliding the cover half way up. Find the Learn Code Button and the LED indicator light on your Genie motor head inside the garage. Press the “Up/Down Arrow” key again. Press “SEND” once to test system and start your door moving. Unlock the programming feature on your garage door opener by using one of your existing remotes and pressing it only once. Two Part, Step-By-Step Programming. Enter the four digit PIN programmed in Step 2 then press the Enter button until the garage door opener lights flash or just hold for 4 seconds and release. Press the Learn Code Button on the motor head. The External Receiver cover must be removed to access the Learn Code button and the indicator LED. Your door should operate. Model 2: Intellicode Model GWKP (off-white with flip-up cover). This keypad is NOT compatible with Genie of Fairview Intellicode remotes. Test by Opening Cover, Enter PIN1, Enter 1. Model 1: Intellicode Model GWKIC, ACSDG (black with slide-up cover and the word “Intellicode” printed on the cover) GWKIC, ACSDG, Two Part, Step-By-Step Programming. The red LED will blink once and then turn off. Part 1: To Reset the Intellicode Wireless Keypad. Release the button when the garage door opener motor unit lights blink. Programming Intellicode 3 and Intellicode 2, Intellicode 3 (Systems built from 2009 until July 2011), Intellicode 2  (Systems built from July 2011 to Present), Changing Existing Code (PIN) to a New Code. Only the round LED will be BLUE. Proceed to step 2. Enter the PIN of your choice (3 to 8 numbers) and press PROGRAM. LIFTMASTER AND SEARS CRAFTSMAN WIRELESS KEYPADS. This small black button is always found near the floppy antenna wire and is usually behind the light cover for your light bulbs. 18             8 DIP switch Linear or Moore-O-Matic garage door openers. Indicator light will blink once and go out. 3 Models were made for Intellicode remotes, shown here from the oldest to the newest. Truly a pleasure to have them working on our home!". Enter existing PIN (personal code) and press the Program Key, Wait for the backlight to go out on the keypad. See Troubleshooting Guides for Excelerator photo. The Learn Code indicator LED turns off. You can then print out a legible copy of the chart and the programming instructions from your word software. A division of Genie of Fairview Door Co. Liftmaster / Chamberlain Infra-Red Sensors, Liftmaster / Chamberlain Miscellaneous Parts, Sears / Craftsman Compatible Remote Controls, Sears / Craftsman Compatible Outside Keypads, Sears / Craftsman Compatible Infra-Red Sensors, Sears / Craftsman Compatible Miscellaneous Parts, Liftmaster / Chamberlain Outside Touchpads, Gadgets & Miscellaneous Garage Door Opener Parts, Garage Door Opener Gears, Couplers, Brackets, Garage Door Opener Circuit Boards and Sequencers, Garage Door Opener Wall Button / Control Consoles, 390 MHz Billion Code (Green Learn Button). Model 1: Intellicode Model GWKIC, ACSDG (black with slide-up cover and the word “Intellicode” printed on the cover), GWKIC, ACSDG, Two Part, Step-By-Step Programming, To Program the Intellicode Wireless Keypad. After step 4 above the short LED light should be a steady blue. Gently press and release the Learn Code button. The square smart button is located on the side or the back of the motor head, and is colored red, green, amber, orange, or purple. Use an existing remote to unlock the system by pressing it once only. Determine the settings of the first 3 switches and write down the corresponding number from the chart. Enter the Door Code determined by Chart A below and this time press the Star (*) key. 14           10 DIP switch Linear garage door openers. This sets the code for your keypad. Enter PIN and press PROG (red LED blinks once per second). Slide the switch to SET, enter your PIN of your choice followed by the “star” key. This small black button is located behind the light lens at the motor head and is nearest the floppy 6 inch antenna wire that protrudes from the power head. Once you’ve set the keypad code go to your Genie of Fairview motor head follow the instructions below: Gently press and release the radio receiver Learn Code button on the motor head in your garage to start the red indicator light next to the button will start blinking. Your PIN number can be created from any group of numbers up to 8 digits of your choice. On the wireless keypad enter your PIN and press the UP/DOWN arrow key 3, 4 or 5 times until door activates. Then press and hold the ENTER button. With most Genie units, remove the light lens globe to expose the Learn Button on the motor head. It will blink for up to 30 seconds. The External Receiver cover must be removed to access the Learn Code button and the indicator LED. While holding down on the # and 8 keys at the same time slide the cover up the rest of the way until it clicks or latches. To make a copy, highlight area and copy into your word program. Enter your chosen PIN, anywhere from 3 to 8 characters. Model 1: Intellicode Models GWKIC, ACSDG ( black with slide-up cover and the work “Intellicode” printed on the cover. Slide the switch to SET. Open cover half way. Open the cover back up and press in order the 3, 5, 7 and # keys. The outside garage door opener keypad has a flat ribbon, which slides behind the garage door molding into the garage and attaches to the keyless entry receiver box. To erase the old PIN (personal identification number) press and hold down, in order, the “PROG,” “6” and “Up/Down Arrow” keys. Slide the receiver switch back to RUN. Once your keypad is programmed you can change this code in the future. For every switch in the ON or positive position record a 1, for every switch in the OFF or negative position record a 2. Press ENTER, then put in your own code ( up to 6 digits) and press ENTER again. (the indicator light on the keypad will blink one and go out). Test keypad. Once your keypad is programmed, changing your present PIN can be achieved by entering current PIN then press Program, enter your new PIN and press Program. Look at the next 3 switches and determine its code number. If your keypad looks like this but has Intellicode on the cover go to the next set of programming instructions below. The keypad is black with a slide-up cover showing the Genie logo only. Model 2: Intellicode Model GWKP Press and hold the square PROGRAM button (shown in the diagram above) located on the bottom of the motor head, until both the round and cylinder LEDs turn BLUE. Open and enter the PIN, press the Up/Down arrow key and release several times to activate the door. Press ( * ) and ( # ) keys together until keypad stops flashing.