For commercial operators they use rainx, and wipe a little on glass to help keep water and fog away, both those are much bigger pieces of glass, and they are in situations where water and fog are common. On the third day, my sensor "resurrected" and now works fine ! Hello, end [/code]. I could remove them, dry them out and try to reinstall them inside the house or something bizarre like that, but I'd just end up leaving them there permanently ... which would mean yet another safety feature will actually make things less safe. If you wash your garage floor or have a rogue sprinkler head spraying toward the garage door when it’s open, your safety sensors could get wet. What can I do? But I might try that one. That will keep them clear of fog. I would never recommend this, you know, because of safety and such, but I have seen on more than one occasion where people will remove the lasers units, then go into the area above the door motor, reconnect laser units there, and have them point directly at each other. You could probably do something similar with PLEG, though. I have a LiftMaster 3265M for my garage. In this article, we are going to cover everything about how to bypass garage door sensors. Hello, How can I click a scene like this in Vera Edge: TRIGGER: garage door sensor opened for longer than 5 minutes Are they getting wet for some reason? In the rainy season, the sensors fog up and refuse to let the door close unless I go in and hold down the wall button. Portland, we know rain. Something you can try to do is use light shields, which are basically cardboard sleeves that slide over the sensors, and stick out an inch or two past the sensors. Install a couple of little 12v computer fans to blow on them. My first scene had a logic like this: Press J to jump to the feed. One of the common causes of garage door sensor problems is obstruction. Make Sure Your Sensors Are Aligned. Answered in 3 hours by: 10/27/2012. Make sure you have all of the security measures on the door itself set up so if your car is parked under it it will not hit it. Garage Door Control. Water can damage your safety sensors and cause them to malfunction. The easiest way will be checking if the garage door sensor is still open after a certain period of time (i.e. In fact if I get 4 notifications I know I have been in the garage too long. Was ready to replace sensors. However most door openers these days have a pressure sensitivity rating that if the door closed on something early it would open again. Something you can try to do is use light shields, which are basically cardboard sleeves that slide over the sensors, and stick out an inch or two past the sensors. Until I realized that when I closed the garage door myself, the garage door was openend by my scene after e.g. But I'm going to try these other ideas first. I'll see how that goes. local current_second = t.hour * 3600 + t.min * 60 + t.sec Cookies help us deliver our Services. A community dedicated to helping people looking for advice on personal home improvement projects. in Mode NIGHT and VACATION), It looks like you set your garage door switch to constant “on” … is that the way your garage door works or is it a momentary switch? Normally these are used for applications where light will strike the sensor in a weird way, but they can also protect the units from fog and water in … When my phone sends me the alert, I look at the garage cam to verify it is open and it is okay to close. t =’*t’) DELAYED ACTION: close garage door. Is there steam that rises up and fogs them? Look for small LED lights on the sensors. Do I need new sensor(s) and if so how do I get them? [code]local GarageOpen = luup.variable_get(“urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SecuritySensor1”, “Tripped”, 88) 007 Systems I can open / close my garage door automatically via Vera Edge & a Fibaro Relay. I did not define any action but added this tiny bit of luup-code: Now, if the Garage is open for longer than 5 minutes it will be closed. I think it’s because the sleep function really sets the whole system to sleep and not only this scene. ACTION: close garage door. Can I program the remote to do that same override the wall-mount button can do? These little taps can knock the sensors out of alignment. I now want to close the garage door when it’s open for longer than 5 minutes. Yeah, I feel like I'm being driven to remove this safety feature because it causes such problems! I now want to close the garage door when it’s open for longer than 5 minutes. local compare_second = current_second + 60 --set seconds to wait here, while current_second < compare_second do I created a scene that is triggered by the garage tilt sensor. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Now I got a new garage door sensor. Plus, it might still fog up at the ceiling ... it gets very wet. I’ve also got a virtual switch the stops the timer manually if I want to keep the door open longer. luup.call_action(“urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SwitchPower1”, “SetTarget”, {newTargetValue = “1”}, 12) First diving into the DIY tips, it’s good to have some information about these garage door sensors. Had the same problem after left garage door open during much rain. I have seen this with the photo eyes they use for commercial operators, but never for the residential operators. I realized quickly, that the Tripped variable will never be set to 10 unless the scene is finished (no matter if I wait 1 second or 1 hour).