The amount of times they flash corresponds to a specific opener issue. The opener is a Genie Pro Model 1024. After receiving a call and text, Cody arrived within 30 mins ... outstanding ! One is the arrow keys found on the opener and the second is through the small LED light located next to the learn button. Your explanation of the lock button and how to turn it off solved my problem (flashing lights). I recommend Eric for service & installations. Perhaps the most common issue for many homeowners, if the safety sensors are not properly aligned the light will blink 10 times. After you have located these sensors, equip yourself with either a measuring tape or a ruler. Below is a diagnostic chart showing the common light code for the arrow keys. If you’re unsure where this is, consult the owner’s manual. Another reason why your garage door light is blinking could be a result of bad wiring. There’s two sensors you’ll need to locate. For most older units, use the information below to see what the issue is. If you own a new garage door opener that comes with a locking feature, it's possible someone may have accidentally locked your garage door by pressing the lock button. To readjust your safety reversing sensors, equip yourself with wrench and begin to loosen the wing nut. If you’ve recently noticed that your garage door light blinks and refuses to function properly unless you hold down the wall button, don’t panic! LiftMaster comes with two methods of self-diagnosis. Recently, the lights stopped going on when an object passed through the light beam. Contact Garage Door Medics today by calling 888-997-2423 so that we can diagnose your issue and get your garage door back up and running. It’s important to note that when the lock button is on, your garage door opener will only work from the switch located by the door. If you notice this happen, start by seeing if anything is obstructing the sensors field of view. Arrow blinks up 4 times and down 6 times: The sensor eyes are misaligned for a short period. Thanks a bunch. On the other hand, if you still can’t get it to work, you may need to call a professional or invest in a new system. Michael Joseph has more than 20 years of hands-on experience as an avid home handyman and had 10 years in the construction industry, specifically in the field of HVAC. The green LED light is blinking 6 times on the opener. Follow the directs below. If you push the garage door opener switch when the sensors are obstructed or not aligned properly, your garage door will reverse, and the lights will blink 10 times. Having your garage door light blink continuously is not only annoying, it’s also a sign that there is something wrong with the mechanism. Any issues regarding flashing lights and diagnosis light codes are the same for both openers. We are garage door opener repair and replacement experts so we can get the job done for you today! Now that you have repositioned your safety reversing sensors, give your garage door opener a try and see if it works properly. Simply hold down the lock button on the wall control for about two seconds to disengage the lock. This is also a great way to see why your garage door opener is blinking continuously. This LED light flashes a specific number of times. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! Pushed the button on the wall and nothing. Start by locating the lock button on your garage door opener. Pull the emergency door release and check the up-and-down travel of the garage door for binding. This circuit board usually features a service light that’ll blink when there’s an error with the mechanism. My Honeywell Thermostat Says Wait: What to do Next? The purpose of the safety sensors located on the bottom corners of your garage door is to automatically reverse your door if they detect motion underneath the door. The motor can overheat if the door is opened and closed several times in a row. Went to open my garage door yesterday. Garage door openers made after 1993 are equipped with sensors positioned on both sides of the vertical rails. Eric provided great service, was prompt, friendly and professional. This guide will walk you through what the flashing light means, and how you can self diagnose and fix the issue with your opener. Perhaps the most common issue for many homeowners, if the safety sensors are not properly aligned the light will blink 10 times. On the other hand, if you still can’t get it to work, you may need to call a professional or invest in a new system. Check for misplaced staples holding the wiring in place as they may also cause the wire to short. Loosen the wing nut holding up the photo eye and adjust them until both sensors are properly aligned. If the light flashing persists, then the problem may be wire related. This will give you a breakdown of the Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and Sears A/C model openers. If your problem has not been fixed, the self-diagnoses LED light indicator on your opener can help you determine a possible problem and solution for your opener. If you continue having problems with your garage door light blinking after having tried these solutions, the issue may be related to the logic board or a malfunction with the internal parts. My Honeywell Thermostat is Not Turning On! If you own a garage door opener by Lift Master, Chamberlain, or Craftsman, you’ll notice that the sender sensor will usually shine a yellow light and the receiver sensor will usually shine a green light. Circuit board blinks twice: Sensor wires have been shorted. Once you see the double flash, press the control button on the remote control. Manually lift the garage door 3 to 4 feet off the floor and release. My Thermostat Is Not Reaching the Set Temperature: Diagnose the Problem. Kate Alexander July 2, 2019 Garage Doors. Your sensors should be positioned 6 inches above the garage floor. If the garage door forcefully closes to the floor, or is difficult to manually open and close, contact a trained door technician to have the door serviced. Trex vs Veranda Decking: Which Is the Better Choice? Once you know that the lock button is not the issue, you’ll want to check to see if anything is obstructing the sensors, or if the sensors need to be realigned. Many garage door openers will also have a circuit board located on the back of the motor. If you follow these easy steps, you should be able to get your garage door opener working in no time. With so many available options for garage door openers, we've made the buying... How to Protect your Garage Door from Hail. If this is not the issue, then your sensors will probably need to be aligned. On the garage door opener pictured below the LED light is between the square purple smart button and the purple antenna wire. The remote control will not work. Now, if you own a newer model with an arrow light for both up and down, you’ll want to use the information below to detect the issue: Arrow blinks up and then blinks down: The sensor wires have been disconnected. The photo eye with the amber light sends out the light, while the green sensor is the receiver. If the opener cannot detect that the safety sensors are properly working or connected, then the opener lights will flash and the door will refuse to close. I got out my manual and found the page called Diagnostic Chart. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the info. Very grateful, garage door opener repair and replacement. While every opener is different, many share similar methods to determine what the real issue is. There are several reasons why your garage door opener is doing this. If they are, reconnect the wires, and if they’re worn through, you’ll need to replace them. Turning the Gas Back on After a Disconnect. However, the two most common reasons include a problem with the lock button and malfunctioning safety reversing sensors. You’ll need to hire a professional to replace the wiring entirely or check to see if the wire disconnected from the opener and reconnect it. Here are the most common problem indicators and solutions for common garage door openers. The light from the opener blinks 10 times to warn you about misaligned photo eyes.