Top 25 List of Foods to Eat for Healthy Skin! 20 Signs You Have Skin Cancer Must be Recognized Fast! Have you ever treated a cough with fruits? The perfect on-the-go snack, apples are rich in flavonoids! Here’s The Symptoms and Treatments, 11 Causes of Random Swollen Lips and How to Fix It, 3 Dangers of Cat Scratches on the Human Body and How to Treat It, 12 Causes of Bumps on Back of Tongue and The Treatments, 30 Factors Causing White Spots on Your Upper Lips, 13 Effective Ways to Make Glowing Face with Aloe Vera, 13 Surprising Ways to Whiten Teeth with Lemon, 13 Surprising Benefits of Salt Water for Skin Health, 13 Natural Treatment To Soothe Coarse Hair, 13 Miraculous Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair, 13 Causes of Baby Hair Loss and Ways to Prevent It, 17 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Dirt on Eye (Natural Remedy), 10 Dangers of Coconut Milk for Body Health That You Didn’t Know. The skin, juicy part, and seeds all have a good sweet flavor. For example experiencing weight loss, difficulty resting, and depression. Heat stroke with thirst: Take one fruit, break it open and stir into boiled water. 5 Reasons Why Going to Concert Is Good For Your Health According to Studies! Beware of 10 Causes of Tingling Hand That You Often Ignore! 10 Side Effects of Ginseng Most People Missed Out! Fruits should be at the top of your list of foods. 20 Natural Ways to Break Up Phlegm in Chest in Fast! 13 Reasons Why Your Hair Keep Falling Out. If a dry cough continues after other symptoms disappear, or if you have a chronic dry cough when you do not have a cold or the flu, see your healthcare provider immediately to determine the cause and get proper treatment. 20 Natural Remedy for Mumps in Adults and Children, 12 Foods with High Vitamin K and Its Benefits, 12 Risks of Eating Noodle with Rice You Need To Be Aware, 7 Risks of Eating Raw Eggs For Body Health. Usually cough accompanied with flu and fever - Compared to the flu and fever, cough takes longer to heal. 8 Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Nausea with Honey (It Works!). 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Can Pin and Needles on Hands and Feet Be Dangerous? 10 Effective Ways to Treat Dust Allergies – Completely Works! ), Causes of Pin and Needles on Fingertips – Symptoms – Remedy. Many things — from allergies to acid reflux — can cause a dry cough… 100% orange juice and oranges provide a good source of potassium for a healthy blood pressure, folic acid and an excellent source of antioxidant Vitamin C, which has been shown to help support a healthy immune system. Do this twice each day. Ice or any type of drink that uses ice because it can cause the infection gets worse and the flu also gets heavier. 12 Side Effects of Red Onion You Need To Be Aware. Squeeze lemon and mix with a spoon of honey and drink for three or two times a day. Is It Safe to Use Permanent Marker on Skin? 5. Cover with hot water and simmer for 20 minutes, then swallow the tea very slowly. This recipe is good for prevention too. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 7 Fruits to Cure Dry Cough and Phlegm – Natural Remedies, Tips For Hair Growth in One Week – Best Natural Remedies, 12 Side Effect For Not Exercise For Several Years, Endoscopy – Functions, Preparation, How It Works, and Side Effects, Radiology – Definition, Types, Benefits and Side Effects. How to Cure Gonorrhea Naturally Without Antibiotics? 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