Scientists tested French oak wood extract– from the wood of the Quercus robur or mighty French oak – in 40 men between the ages of 50 and 65. According to the abstract, the purpose of the, “Registry study was to evaluate the effects of Robuvit® (extract from oak wood), in otherwise healthy subjects (aged 50 to 65 years) who complained of decreased general vigor. Energy levels SURGED with this fatigue-fighting extract. The French oak wood extract Robuvit (Horpag Research Ltd.) is a registered proprietary water extract obtained from the wood of Quercus robur (QR). A patented extract derived from French oak tree species Quercus robur has been shown to dramatically boost energy, enthusiasm, and physical and mental health. The oak wood used for Robuvit originates exclusively from oak trees grown in France. * French Oak trees grow in the Massif region of Central France. “Robuvit is a patented natural extract derived from the Quercus Robur species of French oak wood, rich in ellagitannins, roburins and other flavonoids, which are unique to this specific oak genus. Among Robuvit® Oak Wood Extract benefits is that it is a powerful natural antioxidant shown to support sports performance and to boost energy in those with fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome. All of the guys were suffering from what could only be called the blahs. A unique source of the antioxidant roburin, French Oak Wood extract is an up and coming supplement for improving energy and mood. Jarrow Formulas French Oak Extract (Robuvit) has been shown to reduce oxidative stress, support liver function, help boost energy, reduce fatigue and improve both physical performance and mood. You might be able to identify with the feeling yourself. To conclude, supplementation with French oak wood extract raised urolithin generation in patients and suggested health advantages for urolithin-producers. The plant belongs to the plant family Fagacae, genus Quercus. A new study, titled Exploring the concept of vigor and dys-vigor in men of 50-65 years: effects of Robuvit was published in September 2020.