Disadvantages of French Doors. Besides being costly, there are a few disadvantages of French doors. Advantages & Disadvantages of French Door Refrigerators, this online collection of French door refrigerators, 5 Benefits of Installing a New Backyard Grill, How to Get the Best Out of Your Fridge Crisper Drawer. The first thing you have to consider before lugging home a new fridge is the space or opening you have for it. The dual refrigerator doors provide additional in-door storage for large containers, such as a gallon of milk and pitcher of juice. Open just one of the dual doors and scan without much bending for a refrigerated snack thanks to the lower-freezer-drawer design. Like most fridges, French door refrigerator dimensions vary, but some have an abnormally tall design, which may be problematic. Consider its features, dimensions and your storage needs before parting with your cold cash. This maximizes storage within your appliance, allowing you to store a wealth of items within the unit at any given time. Ready to find your new refrigerator? Even though these models offer a host of storage possibilities and modern features, they are not always the right choice for budget-conscious homeowners. As noted, these units are premium refrigerators, and the benefits of a French door refrigerator come at a premium price. The first thing you have to consider before lugging home a new fridge is the space … Photo Gallery, Saverio Posarelli The refrigerators of the past were big, bulky and unattractive units that provided food storage solutions at the cost of style. As noted, these units are premium refrigerators, and the benefits of a French door refrigerator come at a premium price. If you want an attractive refrigerator that will ensure your food is perfectly organized, consider a French door refrigerator. Basic Doors. This design ensures that you don’t discover moldy fruits tucked in the back of your unit, because you’ll be able to organize food more effectively. Being able to see inside the home, when someone is home or not, can make many feel vulnerable. While these models come at a high price, their wealth of advantages make them a great choice for today’s homes. You won’t have to constantly rearrange storage containers or pitchers in order to organize food, as you’ll have ample space for all your common food storage needs. Consider using this online collection of French door refrigerators. Traditional French door configuration - side-by-side doors that are both operable (active) and swing open from the center. If you feel otherwise, then know that there are multiple alternatives to combat the cons mentioned above. Space issues and blocked views Some models have an alarm that sounds if a door is left ajar. Elvia & Ramon Saldivar Sometimes, a traditional wooden door or basic door works best. The standard bottom freezer drawer design, found in most models, allows for a deeper space that can house more items than a traditional top or bottom mount refrigerator. To help you make an educated decision, we’ve compiled details on the advantages and disadvantages of a French door refrigerator. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. With two doors on top, you can easily organize items in a way that will help you keep track of all your foods and beverages. If that is a worry, heavy-duty framing and glass should be considered. Security is on everyone’s mind when installing a fiberglass French door. Consider any top hinges and adjustable-height legs. One way to make this easier is to buy a French door fridge with the freezer drawer that can pull all the way out. Arrange the contents and stick to the arrangement, so you’ll always know which door to open for the eggs, cheese or milk, for example. But, the truth is, no matter how good one person thinks something is, there will always be someone who's a diehard fan of the opposite. Required fields are marked *. Having your frozen goods at the bottom brings the fridge portion up to waist and chest height, and that means less bending to reach a lower vegetable crisper or bottom shelf. The fridge’s two narrow doors allow you to open one door at a time, which retains some coldness when retrieving or storing certain items. She writes friendly, conversational business, home and lifestyle articles for Bizfluent, azcentral, Daltile, Marazzi, Lowes, Philips Lighting, WordPress.com and numerous other publications. Most French door refrigerators are premium appliances, and as a result, they provide superior cooling systems and innovative technologies that ensure your items are perfectly preserved. French-door refrigerators offer so much in the way of space and appeal, that it's a wonder why side by side refrigerators are still in existence. Give Fremantle Door & Window Company a Call Having a freezer on the bottom of the unit means you will have to bend down in order to access frozen foods, which can be an inconvenience. French Door refrigerators tend to occupy the higher-end of the appliance market in terms of features, capacity and price. The biggest disadvantage of a French door refrigerator is its cost. You likely access the fridge more than the freezer, which makes the French door fridge layout less challenging. They aren’t that great for bedrooms, where most people prefer a solid timber door for privacy.