Citrus are Heavy Feeders and plants require essential nutrients for excellent growth, fruiting & flowering. You could get bud wood and graft to rootstock. That would give you about a year os so jump on your hedge. I would like to try my hand at some grafting and I hear flying dragon makes a great dwarf rootstock. Citrus is not normally cold hardy, but by grafting them onto the Poncirus trunks, they stand a better chance of weathering the cold. SOLD OUT OVERVIEW. Yield of ‘Hamlin’ sweet orange trees in a Lake County field trial without huanglongbing. The Flying Dragon is a type of dwarf citrus tree that is extremely disease-resistant. In my experience that didn't speed up fruiting when I did it flying dragon on seedling flying dragon. monstrosa “flying dragon” is a more rare, contorted variety of the species, in quart-sized pots for $9.50. Due to the difficulty and slowness in growing Flying Dragon, Citrus varieties grafted onto this variety are usually more expensive. It is a mutated Trifoliatia species which has hooked thorns and much slower growing. The Future of the Flying Dragon Citrus In addition to the studies above, the Flying Dragon (Poncirus trifoliata) is also in use as experimental rootstock for non-hardy citrus trees. 1 quart runs $100.00 plus shipping and contains approx. That being said the seeds were tested for disease prior to germination. Table 1. We also sell the seed by the quart. mutation of trifoliate orange with strong curved sharp thorns. Citrus rootstock used to dwarf the variety grafted onto it. Plus whatever the shipping charges would come to. SHIPPING TREE SIZES Minimum order is 8. Poncirus var. Adam, May 12, 2012 #1. Flying Dragon Citrus Rootstock. $4 + Gift Wrapping. You can purchase seedlings already propagated. Here near Houston flying dragon is ready Sept 1. Qty. The species is called the Japanese bitter orange, or trifoliate orange, and it is the hardiest close relative of Citrus.A native of China and Korea, it is a deciduous shrub armed with serious spines and can survive to as low as -20C (-5F). Does anyone have a flying dragon plant they wouldn't mind sharing some seeds from? We sell Flying Dragon seedlings for 85 cents ea. Flying Dragon Trifoliate Orange-Poncirus trifoliata var. We can bareroot them and ship them via UPS. Can be stored but needs to be dried, dusted with fungicide, and stored in the refrigerator. Trees on ‘Flying Dragon’ rootstock, which were quite small, had a cumulative yield of 268 kg per tree, which was ≈34% of the yield of trees on ‘US-942’. I wouldn't trust typical sellers to store correctly. Or even if someone has another good rootstock variety, I wouldn't mind playing around with those as well.