Cash Flow From Financing Activities: Cash flow from financing (CFF) activities is a category in a company’s cash flow statement that accounts for external activities … Weegy: Cash flow activities that include the cash effects of transactions that create revenues and expenses and thus enter into the determination of net income are referred : Operating activities. Operating activities. producing and delivering goods and services. include the cash effects of transactions that create revenues and expenses.They thus enter into the determination of income. Examples of Financing Activities. Answer to Financing activities on the Statement of Cash Flows include the cash effects of: Multiple Choice O Producing and delivering goods and Cash flow from financing activities refers to inflow and the outflow of cash from the financing activities of the company like change in capital from the issuance of securities like equity share, preference shares, issuing debt, debentures and from the redemption of securities or repayment of a long term or short term debt, payment of dividend or interest on securities. purchasing and disposing of productive assets used in production of revenue. When a company borrows money for the short-term or long-term, and when a corporation issues bonds or shares of its common or preferred stock and receives cash, the proceeds will be reported as positive amounts in the cash flows from financing activities section of the SCF. Investing activities include purchases of long-term assets, acquisitions of businesses, and investments in marketable securities Under indirect method, the net income, depreciation expense and loss on sale of fixed assets are reported in the operating activities section. include the cash effects of transactions that are used to determine net income. Depreciation on machinery is an expense and is reduced from revenue to determine net income. 1. Examples of operating activities are cash receipts from sales of goods and services, cash payments to suppliers, cash payments to employees, and expenses. Cash Flow from Investing Activities is the section of a company's cash flow statement that displays how much money has been used in (or generated from) making investments during a specific time period. Operating Activities Examples. all of the above. Investment activities definition include acquiring and disposing of investment property plant and equipment and lending money and collecting the loans. selling stocks and bonds to raise capital used to produce revenue. purchasing and disposing of … A brief explanation of both the effects is given below: (a). Financing activities. Financing activities include the cash effects of: Multiple Choice.