Neglect of this law is death. This is another result of being influenced by the Holy Spirit. When our Maker appointed us to labour, He made labour one of the dignities in His kingdom. Another element in this blessing of work is its honourableness. How necessary, profitable, and becoming Christians this duty is. If we are careful to say grace before meat, why should we not be equally ready to thank God for a good book, a cheerful visit, or a refreshing walk? in trouble and in moods of spiritual depression. It is employment. Verb - Present Participle Active - Nominative Masculine Plural. Fuller. Power. There is a two-fold thanksgiving. We should give thanks, not only for private and particular, but for public benefits also, and for such as befall others. The parables of the fireside are as Divine as those of Christ. Every way it is a comfort to us. This throws a remarkable light upon the nature of thanksgiving. A revelation of God older than the Bible shines in the home. It should be cheerful and confident. (Bishop Harvey Goodwin. Sometimes it flung its waters in a mass on a lower shelf with an angry clash. It is employment. If the context limits the application of St. Paul's words to public worship (ver. Ephesians 5 The Message Bible << Ephesians 4 | Ephesians 5 | Ephesians 6 >> Walk as Children of Light. In its results it is worse than bodily disease. It is a world whose courtesies are those of love. And I will begin by naming the homeliness of home. The range of Christian thankfulness becomes, in this way, very wide. He then paused a little, and with great serenity in his countenance quoted those triumphant words, "'Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace, for mine eyes have seen Thy salvation.' A revelation of God older than the Bible shines in the home. Other things being equal, it is the busy who are healthy. From eucharistos; to be grateful, i.e. We are directed by the apostle to give "thanks for all things"; and it were easy, and it would be a pleasing occupation, to bring before you a long and wide catalogue of benefits, and to summon you as each separate act of beneficence passed under review, to "praise the Lord, for His mercy endureth forever.". Nevins. When our Maker appointed us to labour, He made labour one of the dignities in His kingdom. Sing praises over everything, any excuse for a song to … "Giving thanks always" may import our appointing and punctually observing certain convenient times of performing this duty; that is, of seriously meditating on, and affectionately acknowledging the Divine bounty. A suspected leaky vessel we try with water first, and then with wine. III. Since work implies service, it is a beneficent endowment that it is honourable. As he is the Father of mercies, his fatherhood should be the attribute that is most in our thoughts when we praise him. 2. But there is a blessing in our homes greater than either its seclusion, or comfort. To open the duty. Every way it is a comfort to us. A mother's love is a Jacob's ladder by which we ascend to the love of God. 1. Thankfulness is the harmony between the deep sense of obligation, and the joy of perfect freedom.(W. 1. We are, therefore, directed not only to pray but also to give thanks in the name of Christ. 3. 1. Nevins.A person being once cast upon a desolate island, spent a day in fasting and prayer for his deliverance, but no help came. The one life wrestles and leaps onward in endless unrest, the other dwells in calmness and peace. What those quiet pools were to the life of that mountain stream, home is to the ordinary life we lead. I know the difficulty of realizing this state of mind; a time may perhaps come, when we shall be able to look back from our place of rest upon the way by which God hath led us, and when we shall be able to see that in all its turns and twistings (so far as they were the result of God's leading, and not due to our own perversity), and in all its darker passages, in its roughest as well as its smoothest portions, it was indeed "the right way," and all demands our gratitude to Him, who led us by a way that we knew not.IV. And yet, according to St. Paul, the need is the same in both cases; even our thanks must be offered up through Christ; we do not make God our debtor by such offerings; whether we ask or whether we pay tribute, it is we who are the gainers, and for both the one purpose and the other we need the righteousness of Christ, to make our approach to God's mercy seat acceptable.III. How entirely it surrounds us. Manton, D. D.)The duty of giving thanks to GodBishop Harvey Goodwin.I. For friends and privileges and just laws and liberties; for our native land and our memories of heroic ancestors; for Christian principle and the Christian Church; for life and strength and reason; for our bodies fearfully and wonderfully made; for our place in society, our opportunities for good, our means of usefulness, our knowledge, insight, and growth; and for faith, hope, and charity in ourselves and others.I. Fuller.Praise is the believer's help in his trials, and his companion after trial.