In this way the employees get trapped in some companies and they pay for a period of time, once the company drops, the coverage and the amount paid is not useful. A health plan will be useful if it protects an individual along with family. Also, some insurance companies offer less premiums for this type of group insurance policy. Even after their discharge from the hospital, the employee can benefit the illness charges. The employer will take care of the premium part and get it cheap. It varies with companies, an employee may not get critical health issues but his dependants are facing serious health problem and then one will have the financial crisis then this policy is of no use. So that they can enter the claim record into their database and get deducted from the total sum assured money. What Makes a Great Workplace? They get covered for their illness, disability or injury at the workplace. Mean Girls at Work – How to Best Deal with Them? Since the premium is wholly dependent on the size of the group, unlike the individual health policy the premium is not much low. Most of the companies does not pay once the employee left the organization. Health education is the conscious subject of society so it creates many communicative instructions for good health. They get paid with some amount of money from their sum assured. Employees can claim all their medical bills through this insurance plan in case of any emergency. Until the employee works under the same employer one would get this benefit. By purchasing an individual policy they can benefit and preserve their sum assured for their family and them instead of others. It is really hectic situation to face a sudden illness, one cannot find a financial resource in such period, this insurance plan will support the employee mentally and financially. Other exclusive offers may be provided for the employees to serve them better. One need not invest wholly for the premium amount since the employer also contributes for the insurance. Its major advantage is to obtain coverage for health for all the employees. One who is looking for a policy need not rush to the insurance companies, the employer will take care of all the necessary formalities. As the employees decrease, the cost may increase and this will be a burden to them, hence choose to withdraw it. Since the group of employees are involved in it, the employer makes sure that all his employee claims are cleared and benefit with all the liabilities included in it. Group health insurance plans are provided in an organization to a group of employees. It is easy to claim this health insurance, one can directly contact their employer along with their bills and need not run around insurance companies for their liability. This is one of the major disadvantage of group health insurance policy. It gives huge financial support to the employee and its family to protect themselves. One need to choose Medicare and expensive premium. The subsidy for the employer would be very less when compared to the large scale industries. One will not be eligible to claim their bills and the amount paid towards the policy will be of no use. It is a loss on leaving the organization: 2. It is managed either by the management or by the group of employees. One needs to pay tax annually as per the local government policy, it is a very good idea to protect individual through this group health insurance and on other hand get rid of tax deductions from salary. He thinks that his health care plan is perfect and ideal and he doesn’t need any doctor assistance. There is no completely acceptable education in the world. They are Health education simple accept the problem of health of any person. The employee is legible for this policy till his/her last working day in the organization. The Domiciliary expenses will be deducted from the total sum assured as per the policy terms. One will not be eligible to claim their bills and the amount paid towards the policy will be of no use. The premium changes with period. Buying a good individual policy with reasonable premium will help the employee to get a good amount of sum assured or coverage as per the requirements of an individual. They have liability with benefits in common. A pre-medical checkup is not necessary for this insurance plan. All the daycare, shifting charges, medicines will be covered. The employer will take care of their employee by checking with the insurance company that insured gets his claim as soon as possible. The employee spouse maternity leave bills can be reimbursed. Top 13 Reasons, “What Can you Contribute to the Company?” How to Answer. While entering into a group practice removes much of the physician's autonomy, the choice tends to put professionals in a better financial position than if they started a business by themselves. 1. In a group therapy sessions, every additional member of the group increases the risk of a conflict occurring. i like advantage of health education in steps like step:1step:2 thanks bro. Can improve friendships and students abilities to socialize 3. Before providing insurance, one needs to check the loss history and previous employment plans and have to go through the current medical issues. This makes sure employers that their employees are protected and do not get a loss of work because of their illness. How to Improve Your Credit Score, Who Are the Highest Paid Athletes in the World, What are the Highest Paying Jobs in New Zealand, supports the employee but also for their family, How to Dress for an College Interview: Tips for Men & Woman. Once the treatment is done, all the necessary bills must be submitted to the insurance company. One can save their salary towards their unexpected health issues. The helpline numbers will be provided along with the card, one can access to the hospitals in case of emergency. All one need to do is to provide necessary documentation to the management. The most important disadvantage of health care is that by applying the health care plan person ignore the importance of doctors and physicians. All the necessary treatment for the patient can be claimed. Sometimes an unexpected minor illness will empty the pockets, group health insurance has a provision to claim such sickness. Group practices are groups of healthcare professionals who own and manage a business together. One may or may not get the benefit to protect their dependents, as per the employers policy it varies. Since it is in hands of employers they may play with it as per the circumstances and other issues. They get chance to claim all the bills related to their diagnosis. So it is not worthwhile for small scale industries. Since the organization buys it for bulk employees it is a cost saving idea. Since it helps the disabled persons also need not get de-motivate with their physical condition. Group practices carry various other benefits. HEALTH EDUCATION ... to change his behavior is possible Opportunity for the individual to ask questions and clearing doubts Disadvantages Small number can benefit Health education is given to only who come in contact with the dental surgeon or with public health personnel 66. The percentage depends on state policy. In terms and conditions of the policy, the period will be clearly mentioned for how many days they can claim their hospitalization bills.