It’s easily a best in slot perk, especially if you are having any issues controlling the gun’s recoil. "Mm. One of the first you’ll likely encounter in Season of Arrivals is the False Promises auto rifle, which has one of the most flexible perk pools in the entire game. Spec it with a huge magazine, and you can keep this thing going for ages. 13.8k. Every player should be seen by our scraper. There were quite a few new weapons introduced in Destiny 2’s Season of Arrivals. Other times, those perks are just for display, such as when you preview an item from your collection. A: Each tier that you increase your weapon will grant a small buff to a single stat, chosen randomly when the item drops. My personal godroll is full bore, armour-piercing rounds, subsistence, swashbuckler and a range masterwork. Devastation is oftentimes," he says with a breath, "profitable. Fucking AWESOME, the sound of it firing so good!! Perks i use are Dynamic Sway Reduction and Zen Moment. "The odds aren't in your favor, but…" a guttural laugh ripples from Spider's belly and sends vibration through the loose-packed dirt underfoot, "I'm the wrong one to come to for comfort. Drifter asks. On PC, there is basically no recoil, so you can shoot for perks with more range and reload speed. 9. A: Bungie has announced that beginning in Season 12, weapons will have a cap on the power to which you are able to infuse them. Both Fluted Barrel and Chambered Compensator provide this, which will give us a nice boot to these two stats. Red streaks burn in the star-sea sky beyond the vast cloud of … False Promises Gripped in the hands of the desperate many. "Drifter pauses a moment and looks around at the desolate scape. Our professional team will help you get False Promises God Roll in Destiny 2. One of the best machines in the first slot, if not the best. False Promises God Roll? Destiny 2 Dire Promise Guide – How to Get Dire Promise & the God Roll. A: These are the possible stats that upgrading your weapon will grant a bonus to. Hand cannons have always been an incredibly popular weapon archetype in Destiny 2 thanks to their raw stopping power and generally solid perk pool. Fallen.""Fallen. 551k. You’ll Need to have an Umbral Engram and decrypt it at the Annex to acquire False Promises. Depending on what tier you are at, you can grant anywhere from 1-10 additional points in any of the stats listed to your weapon. The hulking Fallen Don turns to leave. Don't sleep on this weapon on PVE. "Isolation… is not the same as protection, friend. Just as the Destiny 2 Meta, TTK values can dramatically change from season to season.The data below is up to date with Season of Arrivals and will be updated as soon as Beyond Light has been released and properly tested: "Remember… remain useful. "Went through hell to get that little box. After that, weapons and armor will essentially be sunset 1 year after their release. Good business, friend." Because of this, we definitely recommend looking at this weapon’s page to see all the possible perk combinations available. A: Yes. I hold favor among Witches, and Kells, and whispering agents… of every shade and shape. update your privacy settings to allow API tools to view your non-equipped inventory, You can read the explanation directly from Bungie here. Bodies can stab you in the back. "An 'almighty' effort. "You should have come to me. the Spider asks and waits. The key is "Rampage" because higher base damage = higher "%" increase in damage. It fractures into several pieces that waft away as Spider releases his grip. The weapon is unlocked via drop or through Umbral Engram. Derrick Tomlinson June 11, 2020. World's ending and you want a run at it for all it's got. The Spider eyes the Drifter, boots to bandana. This is not only due to the large perk pool, but the sheer quality of perks. Red streaks burn in the star-sea sky beyond the vast cloud of asteroids and dust, drawing the shape of a new constellation as the Warmind launches fresh guns. Along with a great aesthetic, this season’s new guns can roll with some really great perks. Spider steps off a transit craft, alone. For example, every time you get a Better Devils from Shaxx, it has the potential to be a slightly different version than others before it — maybe better, maybe worse. The False Promises is a Legendary Auto Rifle available during the Season of Arrivals. The Drifter pulls a small and ornate box of Awoken design from his rucksack. "The board changes. The perks that make up the False Promises god roll can be yours with a little work (RNG) in Destiny 2. each item, take what you see here with a pinch of salt. Oh, came with a stability masterwork too. Killing Wind is a surprisingly great perk, and combine it with Rampage and you get a run-and-gun master. ""You remind me of my compatriots." Get new strength with the best Destiny 2 carry service! "Stretch your legs. Safe service from Legionfarm - 24/7 support, cheap boosting and fast results. ""I get it. Sign in with your Bungie account to track your collection, review your favorite gear, compete on the leaderboards, and more! ""You don't like being seen with me? "No. Let me give you some advice: that don't work either.""Hiding? Fully upright, he dwarfs the Drifter in shadow. I don't play, I just price the pieces.""Cold-blooded. Guardians harnessing the dark. He places his fingertips together, the space between his hands resembling a triangle. Sometimes, that fixed version of the item will drop fully masterworked By Rhenn Taguiam Jul 02, 2020. An Umbral Engram can be a very wide range of weapons or armor, some new weapons some not. A new season in Destiny 2 means new weapons, and boy are some of the Season of Arrival’s offerings beautiful. recluse of auto rifles. A: Ranks range from F- to S+, based on how "far" your roll is from the community average roll. False Promises. They slowly drift towards each other, make contact, and bounce away on random trajectories. "They looked at the Whirlwind, just like you. This is obviously the better choice of the two engrams, but it will cost you more Altered Energy. Some stick; incorporated via destructive consummation.