Multiple quantities available to fit any budget. Dermestid Beetle and Larvae Colonies By RRF are Guaranteed Live Arrival and are Free of harmful mite infestation. Posted: (2 days ago) Top Sites About pet rhino beetles for sale'a=0'[0] Posted: (24 days ago) Beetles as pets: A begginer's guide to beetle breeding Posted: (7 days ago) Here is a detailed video how to prepare a breeding box for rhino beetles or goliath beetles. 2 talking about this. Never buy food for reptiles, fish and birds again. When you place your order, we begin to remove the beetles from their bedding and count them. Customers who bought this item also bought . Premium Dermestid Beetle Colonies By Dermestid BeetleWorks™ Ship PRIORITY. They also have instructional DVD's, instructions and Combo Kits available. We sell skull cleaning beetles to taxidermist and DIY enthusaists A Dermestid Beetle Starter Colony is for those who need a lot of Dermestid beetles and larvae quickly. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . 1,211 likes. Dermestid Inc., also ships dermestid beetles internationally. Beetles to Bones is a family business that started as a hobby and has turned into a skull cleaning business that cleans large amounts of skulls each year. The pros to using dermestid beetles over boiling is the whole skull stays intact, no shrinking of the skull or losing all the nasal cavity cartilage. Dermestid Beetles For Sale. Customers Want Beetle Colonies In The Sizes They Need To Work. Dermestid BeetleWorks Offers Premium Dermestid Beetle Colonies For Large Skull Cleaning Projects. Walks Again Taxidermy Dermestid Beetles (1500+): Garden & Outdoor ... After the sale support through email or phone. Our Colony Sizes Range From 1500-6000+ Customers Can Buy More Beetles For Better Skull Cleaning. This includes cleaner crews in roach colonies. Dermestid Beetles By RRF Are valued by Hunters, Taxidermists, Labs, Museums & Universities. We use special beetles called dermestid beetles to clean our skulls. We sell skull cleaning beetles to taxidermist and DIY enthusaists Dermestid Inc., has several different dermestid beetle starter and bulk kits available for skull cleaning purposes. Dermestid beetles are a naturally occurring species of scavenger beetle found across North America, which continue to be the preferred method of skull preparation in museum and university collections around the world. It’s well-suited for at-home taxidermy projects like bear or deer skull cleaning, or any job that requires meat-eating insects to remove flesh from bone. We then verify the numbers with a flesh consumption test so we can tell you exactly what you … Experienced supplier who only sells the best quality stock. Colonies are capable of cleaning skulls through the process of skeletonization.