), who foretold the deliverance of Israel from the Aramaeans (2 Kings xiv. The exact extent of the reconquest is uncertain; Byzantine writers claim the deliverance of the whole island; but it is certain that the Saracens never lost Panormus. Soon after his deliverance he applied to be called to the bar, but his application was negatived on the ground that his orders in the Church were indelible. Keep scrolling for more. Malan, Adam and Eve, iv. Consolation of Israel with the promise of deliverance and lasting happiness and blessing to Jerusalem. , The hot and sweaty Floridians prayed for deliverance from the heat and wished for rain. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. N., commemorates the deliverance of the town from a severe epidemic of fever in 1612. (4) Yet a fourth variation of the picture of the incoming of the Messianic deliverance is given in chap. In Luke 8:28 We have the deliverance of Legion. Nicator to come to their deliverance, although he was much pressed in Syria by the pretender Diodotus Tryphon. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. It was in crises of national anguish that men turned most eagerly to the prophecies, and sought to construe their teachings as a promise of speedy deliverance (see Apocalyptic Literature). Besides, they said Helen's wonderful deliverance might be a boon to other afflicted children. The keynote of Buddhist asceticism is deliverance from life and its inevitable suffering. The so-called " Instrument," now signed by the Lower Estates, offered the realm to the king and his house as a hereditary monarchy, by way of thank-offering mainly for his courageous deliverance of the kingdom during the war; and the Rigsraad and the nobility were urged to notify the resolution to the king, and desire him to maintain each Estate in its due privileges, and to give a written counterassurance that the revolution now to be effected was for the sole benefit of the state. The next day I waited on him, and received a relation of his wonderful deliverance in the Bristol Channel. Song thus contains both words and music, but speech performance is also more than just a neutral deliverance of verbal semantics. Other thinkers were moving in the same direction; he led the movement in New England, and wrought out a great deliverance. foretelle is the Coming foretold in Hebrew prophesy, which will bring deliverance to the favored nation in days to come. They had always disliked and distrusted Lafayette and the Feuillants, and preferred to rest their hopes of deliverance on the foreigner. The passage, then, must have a spiritual meaning, and its purpose is the encouragement of the faithful by the assurance of their deliverance not necessarily from physical death but from the dominion of the evil one. An example of this type of music is the tune, "Dueling Banjos" which is well known because it was played in the movie "Deliverance.". Deliverance from the pantheistic conception of the universe comes through the recognition of the central place occupied by thought and purpose in the actual world, and, as a consequence of this, of the illegitimacy of the abstraction whereby material energy is taken for the ultimate reality. They further celebrated their deliverance at Ptolemais, where they built a synagogue, and they reached their various abodes to find themselves not only reinstated in their possessions, but raised in the esteem of the Egyptians. 1 : the act of delivering someone or something : the state of being delivered especially : liberation, rescue.