The chain mail looks light yet realistic, and the soft shoulder pads look quite similar to Solaire from the game. I helped him make a red feather with a stick and a scrap of red fabric and we were in business. “Not if you do this.”. Check. The Sun symbol is engraved into the chest piece giving it a bolder look compared to the original design. I made Solaire’s tunic by grabbing a large old greyish-white tee I had lying around. They see a lot of new strangers in this world, some are probably travelers from a different realm, while others are carrying chained sacks on their shoulders. The player and Solaire have somehow escaped the world of Dark Souls and have arrived into a world with moving boxes and flying objects. I love to show creative people how to do what I do. Second, it was rusty and none too clean. a shield with the same sun image as on the front of the tunic, a rather intimidating silver helmet with a red feather sticking out of the top. Well done! This cosplay perfectly captures what Solaire feels about the sun. This one is done by YugenCosplay and is available on his Deviantart page. Visually it looks clean, simple, and minimal. One of those interests just happens to be drawing oddball comics on his Instagram @toonacious. Posted by LadyMoonshiner on her Deviantart page, this cosplay is a story on its own. The twins were thrilled to be asked for help by Big Brother and were totally on board with anything he wanted them to do. The sun symbol maybe the central part of every Solaire cosplay, and the same goes for this one. I take vibrant, gorgeous materials and re-imagine them into unique handmade clothing for beautiful brides and bolder women. The symbol of the sun is fantastic, and the gesture is on point. Our son at 16 has been above such things for a few years now, and even our 13 year old twin girls seemed to be ‘meh’ on the subject. Second, since both the games are astounding, this one is truly a wondrous crossover not easily found elsewhere. Making this Solaire costume was a great experience for the whole family. Next I drew the wiggly outlines of the rays coming out of the sun, using a vanishing fabric marker (you could use a light colored regular marker – maybe gray to look like dirt). “That one has flowers on it, Mother!”  I flipped it over. It. Check. Two seconds later he was back with his wastebasket and a big grin on his face. One of the things that had not sold was Tal’s toy sword from waaaay back. Close thy eyes and praise the sun. DIY Solaire Costume From Dark Souls. He's a Bachelor of Arts and is very keen on doing anything and everything that piques his interest. The belts add to the whole design, and posture speaks volumes of praise for the sun. This cosplay is by Raimund and can be viewed on his Reddit in its full glory. How about you? The sword and costume aren't plain, and marks and scratches are visible that portray a battle-worn look. Greetings! Then the three of them worked on making the “handles” at the back with pieces of extra cardboard, glue and tape. Even men are fairly easy to ‘suit up’ with short notice. This year I didn’t think our kids were even going to need Halloween costumes. When all of this is combined with the right pose and lighting, it truly feels like a cinematic piece. The hair dryer once again came in handy. Have you ever had to make a last minute Halloween costume? This year I didn’t think our kids were even going to need Halloween costumes. Posted by LadyMoonshiner on her Deviantart page, this cosplay is a story on its own. Welcome! The cosplay is done to perfection, with chain mail armor shining bright as it can. His quotes are on point and memorable, and his gestures would make anyone join the Warrior of Sunlight Covenant. For the shoulder pad thingies I just grabbed two small bundles of dark green scrap fabric and chopped at it to make it look scraggy. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. This is SquallLeonhart69 cosplay at Megacon 2015, and it is pretty much one of the best Solaire poses done on the list. First, he wanted to bash out the dent. I would have sewn it if I’d had time. trusty and beloved Bernina sewing machine, ← Mandy’s List of Ethical Clothing Companies, How To Make an Instant Pot Cover in 10 Minutes →, Two British Women Fighting Fast Fashion Waste, Why UpCycled Clothing Matters and the #ChopDontShop Movement, Upcycled Clothing – What It Is and Why You Should Wear It. Tal went down to the basement and found an old tri-fold project board from a 7th grade school project. By the time the shield was dry Wayne was home from work and he cut it out with a good quality box cutter. No Dark Souls character is as beloved as Solaire of Astora, and these ten cosplayers do him (and the sun) true justice with their outfits. It was interesting how we pulled together as a family to get this done. Share your experience in the comments below. He even THANKED everyone in the family, including his (usually annoying) little sisters – wow! One of those characters is called Solaire of Astora. Halloween costume ideas for women are pretty easy. Firstly it looks very … I could go for that. First, seeing Issac in the medieval attire just takes the cake, the costume is built with detail and passion. I am a Refashion Designer. I folded a piece of red tee shirt fabric into 8, and rounded it so that it was a circle. Apr 17, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Bryce Dawnables. The shield needed to be large and round. Solaire’s sword? The best part about it is the subtle storytelling element in this. Both the costumes looked on point and built with dedication—especially Solaire, with individual modifications that bring out the modern factor. The most striking part about this one is the minimalism and symbolism, especially in the image. Sep 23, 2016 - Explore Joel Rhodes's board "Solaire Cosplay" on Pinterest. He is probably the most significant and most useful sidekick to players throughout the cataclysmic journey of Dark Souls. That is the reason why it fits so perfectly in a mythical world of Dark Souls as it signifies hope and passion for something much greater than the timeline of human life. That’s why I bought it in the first place. It had very specific designs on it. Talbryn’s job was to put together the helmet, and he was dead set on using my old aluminum gardening bucket. Firstly, we all had to be on board. P.S. The original Dark Souls has plenty of unique characters that are well portrayed. You may notice some affiliate links in this blog which help me to bring you these free crafting projects. You really pulled together, as you always do! Then we made a list. Then I chopped the bottom hem so it looked all scraggly. This one is genuinely a show-stealing costume. That is the reason fans are still building memes, fan art, machinima, and cosplays for many of them. The helmet is rusted and dented as well. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. It is captured and designed by megamo, and cosplayer is serawkward. I am proud to say his friend lost the bet (evil mom-grin) AND Talbryn won first prize for best DIY Halloween costume. Wouldn't that leave third-degree burns? See more ideas about dark souls, cosplay, dark souls solaire. Easy, he had one already. your own Pins on Pinterest It was like a TV game show and we were going to Make. Quality cosplay outfits supply from China Talbryn LOVED his Solaire costume. Another crossover between two different worlds, this one is posted by supersoftly on I wasn’t going for it. Discover (and save!) They spread a plastic table cloth on the floor and got to work. Thank you, Peggy. The kids cooperated beautifully and that made mama smile.