The grated mooli has tenderising properties, making this sauce ideal for using as a marinade. There are so many ways you can prepare and enjoy daikon! This sauce combines the salty, umami flavour of whole, fresh soy sauce with the grated texture of Japan-grown mooli radish (or daikon), plus the sweet and sour flavours of various fruit juices and extracts. And it so happened that in last week’s post, Daikon Takikomi Gohan (Rice with White Radish), I said I was hoping to introduce more daikon recipes. Everyone needs a quick meal that is fresh, nutritious, and delicious. In Japanese cooking, daikon root is commonly pickled and eaten as a side dish or added to main dishes, grated, cubed or in thin slices. Oroshi Soba is a refreshing chilled noodle dish served in a savory sauce and topped with grated daikon. RECIPE Simmered Mackerel with Radish (Saba Oroshi-ni) from Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art 6 servings 1 1/2 pounds mackerel fillets, with skin 1 cup sake 3 Tbsp fresh ginger, cut into fine "needle" shreds 1/2 tsp salt 2 Tbsp light soy sauce 2 Tbsp mirin 1 cup dashi 1 1/2 cups finely grated daikon radish 1 Tbsp finely chopped green onion Apparently daikon contains an enzyme that aids in the digestion of starchy foods. Here is another cold noodle dish with the classic topping combination of salmon roe and grated daikon (“ikura oroshi” – the other dish I posted with the combo is with cold soba and you can find a link here). Hiyashi Ikura Oroshi Udon. This is served over udon and the broth is rich in dashi with a refreshing accent with yuzu juice and rice vinegar. So I decided to post a dish using beef. I realised that there aren’t as many beef dishes as other meat dishes in my recipe list. Recipes Using Daikon. You have most likely tasted daikon where it is grated finely and served as an accompaniment to tempura. Quick and easy Japanese noodle recipe! Beef with Daikon and Ponzu Dressing is so quick to make. Oroshi Soba (おろし蕎麦) meets exactly the criteria when I need to cook up a healthy meal fast for the family. I like to put daikon oroshi on burgers and sandwiches, and am very fond of topping our raw sauerkraut with it, especially when it’s been mixed with the ponzu sauce.