Mirrors are a great way to get creative in photography. Here are a few extra home photoshoot ideas for you to try! From natural light portrait photography to simple food photography at home or one light product shoots, I’ve put together a list of 10 creative photoshoot ideas you can try at home. Find out how to take photos inside (lots of indoor photography tips) or check out my ebook on How to Take Better Photos (for Instagram) for more tips! PHOTOGRAPHY TIP – When shooting indoors I would recommend using manual mode so that you have full control over what your photo looks like. Editing is a great way to make a plain photo more exciting and instagrammable. Again, these kinds of shoots can be done indoors or outdoors and require very little equipment. I’ve personally shot hundreds of photographs at home using my creative concepts, and after accumulating years of experience I am now a professional creative and commercial photographer. From super easy to creative and fun, this list of photography ideas at home has got everything you need. From portrait photography classes to product photography classes, there is variety of tutorials for all skill levels. , I love autumn walks by the Ei-fall Tower , Sharing a throwback from last year as this year is, What a grape view! I love to get creative with photography so in this blog post I will share 24 home photoshoot ideas. You can make a wall pretty by:– Using the brush tool in Lightroom. Today, Just ‘hanging’ out on the IV best street in Lo, The creator of the umbrella was originally going t, Take a leaf out of my book and take the leap! 21. to shine a light through the paper. If you know how to use and control light, the reality is that you can get some professional product photos using minimal equipment, as I showed in my recent ‘, Stuck indoors, looking for new creative portrait photography ideas? You don’t need a pretty wall or cool props to achieve these looks! From, Become an affiliate with Karl Taylor Education, 7 Tactics you can use to become a professional photographer. If you’re stuck indoors, there are plenty of ways you can practice photography at home and get creative with just your camera. Make sure to check out all my favourite mobile editing apps.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'thegingerwanderlust_com-leader-2','ezslot_3',120,'0','0'])); Another fun indoor photography idea is to take a portrait and then photoshop it to create a double exposure effect. Suitable for those working in a small space, all you’ll need for this shoot is your camera and subject, a tripod, two studio lights and a reflector (if you don’t have a reflector, you could also use a white board). Growing tired of using the same backgrounds for your photography? Don’t forget to take a look at some of our other portrait photography classes, where you’ll find a range of portrait lighting setups using one, two, three and four lights. By Viroon on 26 Mar 2020 Senior Creative Editor. The majority of people have mirrors at home. If you’re able to go outside then you should definitely try taking photos through a window. Using flowers as a prop is a great way of adding a bit of color to a lifeless photo or a plain background. Might have to give the magazine cover a try with the kids – could be a great way to capture what it’s like as expats during the coronavirus. You don’t necessarily have to get out or go to the studio to shoot, and you certainly don’t need a lot of equipment on hand. You can then do a fun pose in front of any plain wall and edit the wall to look cool! A few days ago I post, how to take photos inside (lots of indoor photography tips), How to Take Better Photos (for Instagram), how to take better photos (for Instagram), 8 Easy Editing Hacks to Improve your Photos on Lightroom (with 4 free presets), Indoor photography tips – how to take photos inside, 13 Most instagrammable photo spots in Marseille. Realize all photography ideas at home without additional props. Here are some ideas of props you can use for your home photoshoots. Keep in mind that post production is an important part of the photographic process, and knowing how to use Photoshop and retouch photos is a valuable skill for any photographer to have. Stand by the window for a nice natural light. From wooden boards to canvas backdrops, you can get fairly creative in just a few simple steps. You could try shooting water splashes, wine plashes or even paint splashes for simple but effective splash shots. However I can overcome this by editing the wall to look how I want! Another way to reuse old photos in a creative way is to display your photo on a screen (TV or laptop) then spray water droplets onto a glass screen. Why not see what you can come up with for your afternoon cup of tea, a jar of feta or even dessert? One of my favourite props to use in photography are flowers! Copyright 2019 - Solo Pine. If you want to learn more about photography check out my ebook on how to take better photos (for Instagram). Learn how to start a photography business and get professional advice to help you with your journey. As you’ll see in two of our natural light food shoots, where Anna photographed a bowl of spaghetti and a charcuterie board, all you need are some basic ingredients, a space to shoot in, your camera and a tripod (a few reflectors may also come in handy). If you don’t have any lace you can buy some quite cheap on Amazon.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thegingerwanderlust_com-narrow-sky-2','ezslot_17',114,'0','0'])); It can be hard to take professional looking photos indoor (unless you have studio lights). This should be resolved shortly, thank you for your patience. This can be anything you find at home! Get creative with your bedroom photoshoot! The key things to have, in addition to your one light, are a selection of reflectors, mirrors and flags as these can be used to further control your light. Choose a colour scheme and then plan your photoshoot around it! Plain white sheets also help to boost the natural light in your photo helping it to look more crisp and sharp. Take a photo through the glass so that the picture behind is reflected into the water droplets! This is a creative photography idea that is not difficult to realize. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore is entering a new phase, bars, cinemas and all other entertainment outlets will be closed from Thursday (March 26) 11.59 pm till April 30. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thegingerwanderlust_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_0',124,'0','0'])); Great tips! Don’t worry! Move them around to find the best perspective.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thegingerwanderlust_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_15',112,'0','0'])); Shadow and light have always been popular subjects in photoshoots, and they are easy to incorporate into your home photoshoots. Creative Photoshoot Ideas You Can Do At Home Photography . By Marisa Casciano. I sellotaped matches to a piece of cardboard and lit one side, these were then held close to the camera to create more depth in the photo. No, you don’t have to leave the house to learn first-hand from the pros… If you’re looking for ways to pass the time while still developing your knowledge, take a look at our past guest interviews, where I sit down with some of the industry’s leading photographers to find out what advice and tips they have to share. Let us know what some of your favourite home photoshoots are in the comments below. Highlight the wall and play with the settings to make it whiter or a specific colour. If you’re shooting indoors, start by looking for a suitable light source, like a large window, and think about how you can make the most of your scene. You can follow this tutorial on Youtube to create your own double exposure portrait. With just a few studio lights, you can get really truly creative. You don’t have to get out to exciting locations, collaborate with large teams or photograph top-end products straight out the box to get great photos — some of these shoots are so simple that all you’ll need is your camera and a subject. .... Thanks for the tips! Still life photography is a great way to really test your creativity and you really don’t need much to get started. Use my Golden Film preset on Lightroom to further enhance the vintage look. Use a dropper to add ink in the glass, experiment with colors and the amount. You can also build on this setup by introducing a flag to create the feeling of sun and shadow, as you’ll see in this portrait photography class.