The frequency of these behaviors and their effectiveness at conveying dominance vary from individual to individual. Bygott DJ. 2011;88: 168–176. His publications include “Chimpanzee Hunting Behavior and Human Evolution” (American Scientist 83:256–61), “Predation and Male Bonds in Primate Societies” (Behaviour, in press), and Chimpanzee and Red Colobus: The Ecology of Predator and Prey (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1998). Dominance, aggression and testosterone in wild chimpanzees: ... cycling parous females are associated with aggression rather than sexual behaviour. Cambridge (EN): University of Cambridge; 1974. Thus, the predictions of the challenge hypothesis were generally upheld. Size and aggressive behavior is one of the main strategies and tactics that the chimp alpha males use, and in many groups the largest and most intimidating male usually becomes the alpha. 31. One of our closest living relatives, chimpanzees, possess a number of diverse behaviors observed across a variety of contexts, that are found in some … We investigated food competition and relationships among 11 adult female chimpanzees in the Taï National Park, Côte d'Ivoire (West Africa). Mothers, Fathers, and Infants Primate Cultural Behavior … Although these specific behaviors and postures are always present, adult chimpanzees use different approaches to develop and progress their status in the dominance … Klass K, Cords M. Effects of unknown relationship on linearity, steepness and rank ordering of dominance hierarchies: Simulation studies based on data from wild monkeys. Behav Processes. We detected a formal linear dominance hierarchy among the females based on greeting behaviour directed from the subordinate to the dominant female. High-ranking chimpanzees were more aggressive than low-ranking males and produced higher levels of urinary testosterone. Male chimpanzees copulate with parous and nulliparous females at similar rates, however, suggesting that testosterone increases in the presence of cycling parous females are associated with aggression rather than sexual behaviour. Table VL Product-Moment Correlations Between Personality Trait Ratings and Estimated Dominance Ranking in Male Chimpanzees Correlation with dominance rank Personality dimension -0-51 -0-22 -0-18 -0-18 0 . Primate Social Behavior Dominance Communication Aggressive Interactions Affiliation and Altruism Reproduction and Reproductive Behaviors Female and Male Reproductive Strategies Sexual Selection Infanticide as a Reproductive Strategy? 09 0 .39 0 . Agonistic behaviour and dominance in wild chimpanzees [dissertation].