Chapter. PB - Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. This chapter has been cited by the following publications. The Cambridge Companion to Queer Studies; Edited by Siobhan B. Somerville; Book; The Cambridge Companion to International Theatre Festivals; Edited by Ric Knowles; Find out more. The Cambridge Companion to Lesbian Literature examines literary representations of lesbian sexuality, identities, and communities, from the medieval period to the present. The essays represent new and emerging areas, including transgender studies, indigenous studies, disability studies, queer of color critique, performance studies, and studies of digital culture. CY - Cambridge. A Critical … Log in Register Recommend to librarian Cited by 1; Cited by. The Cambridge Companion to Opera Studies. Critical Queer Studies examines contemporary films and documentaries that dramatize the intersection of law and queer life, analyzing the effects of legal doctrines-jury selection, unwanted sexual advance, negligence, hate crimes, and gay marriage-on the production and reception of queer film and fiction. This list is generated based on data provided by CrossRef. CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO QUEER STUDIES Siobhan B. Somerville (Editor) Price: $33.95 Quantity Add to Cart Add to Wish List Add to Cart Add to Wish List 1. This Companion provides an up to the minute snapshot of queer scholarship from the past two decades and identifies … It surveys primary and secondary writings under the evolving category of gay and lesbian authorship, and incorporates current thinking in US-based LGBTQ studies as well as critical practices within the field of American literary studies. Find out more. This Companion provides a guide to queer inquiry in literary and cultural studies. The Cambridge Companion to Opera Studies. Language: en Pages: 232. The Cambridge Companions to Music. In addition to providing a helpful orientation to key literary-historical periods, critical concepts, theoretical debates and literary genres, this Companion considers the work of such well-known authors as Virginia Woolf, Adrienne Rich, Audre … … Crossref Citations . Exploring the interaction of these discourses by discussing. Buy the print book Check if you have access via personal or institutional login. This Companion examines the connections between LGBTQ populations and American literature from the late eighteenth to twenty-first centuries. Chapter; Aa; Aa; Get access. cambridge companion to queer studies 10.10.2020 Off By Readers returning to the Tales will appreciate the chapters' fresh engagement with the individual tales and their often complicated critical histories, inflected in recent decades by critical approaches attentive to issues of gender, sexuality, class, and language. These contributors are especially attendant to the many theoretical discourses intersecting with queer theory, including feminist theory, LGBT studies, postcolonial theory, psychoanalysis, disability studies, Marxism, poststructuralism, critical race studies and posthumanism, to name a few. BT - Cambridge Companion to Queer Studies.