Beech makes excellent firewood and it can be used by itself, though the length of seasoning can be a problem – at least 3 years to completely dry out. Peeled birch bark is often used as a natural alternative to firelighters. But this can be a bad idea in some cases. As with birch, the bark can be used as firelighters. ), make the best type of wood for fireplace use. When selecting the best wood for fireplace use, it pays to remember that there are many varieties of wood. Continuing with our series of articles looking at the various types of wood that you can burn in your wood burner or stove, we turn our attention this time to birch. Be cautious when wood is covered in moss and lichen growth as these may create too much smoke for an indoor fire. ), make the best type of wood for fireplace use. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Although softwoods are cheaper, they are not always the best wood for fires. The heavy and tough nature of birch wood makes it ideal for furniture, and for making handles and toys. Ash is considered to be at the top of the list when it comes to firewood. Birch makes very ornamental logs, with its silvery, flaky bark, and produces a great fire when combined with other, more slow-burning types of firewood (such as elm or oak). If you’re thinking of adding birch onto your fire or putting it into your wood burner or chiminea, then it’s useful to know that this hardwood produces good heat and a bright flame, but that it burns quickly. Woodpeckers often nest in their trunk, and birds such as siskins, greenfinches and redpolls eat their seeds. According to building material experts Progress ABMS, wherever possible, avoid burning: Using any heating appliance safely is a matter of common sense. ← Previous Post The Pros and Cons of Burning Birch as Firewood. According to the experts, we value birch firewood for the heat it produces. It has a high heat output and burns steadily. Logs Direct Launch New Warma Hotblock Briquettes, Transform Your Campfire, Backyard and More with Evening Lite Swedish Fire Logs, series of articles looking at the various types of wood that you can burn in your wood burner or stove. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Yellow birch will produce 21.8 million BTU's per cord. Birch trees provide food and habitats for more than 300 insect species. Kim M. 1 decade ago. This wood always performs best when combined with other hardwoods (oak and elm are good choices) as it tends to burn quicker than others. You can reduce the amount of creosote by properly seasoning your firewood. The birch has long been considered a symbol of renewal and purification. Although birch is great if you plan to burn, it makes sense to use it alongside another variety of hardwood so that less smoke comes out. 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That said, birch is a northern species, and is used by many people to keep warm in winter too. Burning driftwood, oleander, or painted or treated wood can release toxic or harmful chemicals into the air. The middle category contains varieties with a heat-energy equal to using 150 – 200 gallons of oil per cord. These burn steadily and with more heat, without the accumulations of residue left by woods with high resin or sap content. If you're thinking about using birch as a firewood or simply want to find out more, contact Logs Direct today. On both species, catkins form in April and May. We have a range of logs, suitable for any display design. Certain woods or wood products contain additives that are a health hazard, cause pollution, or produce creosote. As noted above, higher sap, resin, and moisture content contribute to creosote build-up in the chimney or flue. 5. Make sure to check our guidelines for: Layer the pile with both hardwood and softwood to ensure a speedy start, and a slow finish burn. It is a good heat output with a small visible flame and ideal for wood-fire. Adhere to safety recommendations at all times, such as the clearances around an appliance and the use of fire-resistant bases.