this is one version of gutti vankaya kura which we prepare regularly at home. in brinjal gravy they are cooked in onion, groundnuts, sesame seeds gravy along with indian spices. brinjal curry, how to make brinjal gravy for rice chapathi Rate this post. Ingredients:-One large brinjal or 4 small brinjals-One finely chopped onion-one or 2 tomatoes chopped-one diced potato-1 tbsp sesame seeds-2 tbsp dry dessicated coconut It is a very famous South Indian curry, made with very simple ingredients but the flavor is so rich that it … brinjal tomato curry recipe | vankaya tomato curry | eggplant tomato curry with a detailed photo and video recipe. Home » Brinjal Gravy Jump to Recipe. brinjal curry – brinjal gravy for rice chapathi with step by step photos. the recipe hails from the south indian cuisine, particularly from the andhra or telugu cuisine and is known for its tangy and spicy taste. -Brinjal masala curry is popular curry of hyderabadi cuisine and is flavoured with spices and onion tomato paste.-This curry is perfect for biryani and also goes well with chapathi. Introduction: Brinjal Curry/ Baingan/ Eggplant gravy is a delicious vegetarian dish usually served with plain rice, chapati, and biryani. an easy and tasty south indian curry recipe made with eggplant, tomato and assorted spices. this brinjal curry for rice chapathi. Brinjal Capsicum Sabji Recipe is an easy side dish recipe which accentuates the flavors of capsicum with eggplant or brinjal and tomatoes. This Brinjal Capsicum Sabji Recipe comes handy when you need to fix nutrition is less available time at hand. This sabzi can be had with phulka or chapati for a nutritious lunch at school or work.