If you don’t like it go to the natural bodybuilding sub, but people need to stop spreading their incorrect analysis on this sub. Bodybuilding after heart bypass surgery. Now in a shocking incident, a newlywed 34-year-old amateur bodybuilder Vinayaraj in a district level bodybuilding competition being held at Mangalore city of India collapsed after he suffered a heart attack. I'd like to know if anybody has been in this same situation. 1982 Mr. Olympia Chris Dickerson’s health is improving after having some major health problems. After all the doom and gloom in the world at the moment, finally we have some good news. At age 35 my partner had a heart attack and had one stint inserted. For a bodybuilding sub there is a lot of fucking ignorance and unjustified hate towards aas. I … I could see that possibly it would be bad if the people were heart attack candidates, but I am just having a bypass and the heart itself is good. Female Bodybuilding » How to get lean after heart attack; Results 1 to 21 of 21 Thread: ... You've had a heart attack and you could have had serious damage done to your heart that can limit your hearts … Chris Dickerson on the road to recovery after heart attack. Chris fell and broke his hip and while in hospital he also suffered a major heart attack. I was having one for 4 days but it took 3 trips to different hospitals before they figured out what was happening. I'm new to the site and about a week after I joined I had a Heart Attack. Hello Everyone. Blood pressure was always managed, his calcification score was perfect, and scans showed no enlargement of his heart. He has been on lite medications ... week after that a defibrillator inserted.