Live edge black walnut slabs are especially popular for standard furniture, such as a black walnut slab … $10. • (10 ft) x (1.5 ft) x (2 in)  = 30 bf. Looking for specific sizes, let us know we can find it! We love the variation in the colors and grain. Ash Natural Edge Slab #6-22-20-08 (110″ x 34″ x 2.25″), Ash Natural Edge Slab #6-22-20-06 (112″ x 39″ x 2.25″), Ash Natural Edge Slab #7-14-20-02 (145″ x 36″ x 2.25″), American Elm Natural Edge Slab #11-6-18-04 (117″ x 37″ x 2.25″), Sugar Maple Natural Edge Slab #6-25-19-03 (98″ x 27″ x 2″), Minneapolis Lumber Store Hours & Directions. All Live Edge Slabs - Black Walnut. Live Edge Wood Slabs are often ripped or cut in random widths and random lengths, which calls for the adaptation of some math and better grasp of the calculations. Walnut is easy to cut, shape and sand, and the wood takes on an amazing look with a clear finish." We treat everyone with the utmost respect and highest civility to make sure that their experience is informative, enjoyable and memorable. To schedule an appointment or inquire about a project, please fill out the form below or call us at (612) 581-0252. "One of the most enjoyed American hardwoods for its fine-yet-open grain, unique patterns, and bold dark color. Following are three different ways to calculate the board foot amount of a piece of wood slab: • Length (in) x Width (in) x Thickness (in) ÷ 144 Menu. All Wood From the Hood products are milled and kiln dried to produce high quality hardwoods suitable for commercial and residential design projects. favorite this post Nov 20 Live edge wood slabs. According to the above formulas, the calculations would look something like this: • (120 in) x (18 in) x (2 in) = 4320 in ÷ 144 = 30 bf Our urban lumber and slabs have natural character and will add beauty to any interior space. This calculation method would be simple and easy to determine if all wood pieces measure 12″ x 12″ x 1″ inch; however, that is not the case. Walnut… Our lumber store is located at 2616 Minnehaha Ave Minneapolis, MN 55406, Live Edge and Dimensional 4/4, 8/4 & 12/4 Lumber. Contact us directly to talk Wood From The Hood custom flooring. • Length (ft) x Width (ft) x Thickness (in). Look here for furniture building material and furniture. 9885 Tanner Rd, Houston, TX 77041 (713) 462-6975 Mon – Fri: 7:30am – 4:30pm Unique furniture grade species including ash, elm, and black walnut plus Minnesota exotics: honey locust, hackberry, catalpa and other character grade woods. Our urban lumber and slabs have natural character and will add beauty to any interior space. Live edge salvaged lumber for woodworking For Sale. (Board Foot Calculator using all the dimensions in inches (Length x Width x Thickness) ÷ 144. Wide Selection of Walnut Live Edge Slabs Free Freight Shipping included with every purchase. Categories Search Our Inventory. There is a very good reason why our customers say that our staff is some of the “nicest human beings on planet Earth”. "Our outstanding hardwood floors were installed in 2 bedrooms. I will be recommending this option to people and showing off our reclaimed floors.". skip to Main Content. In our Minneapolis Lumber yard we have natural edge slabs, natural edge lumber, and dimensional lumber as well as many other unique furniture grade hardwoods such as Ash, Elm, and Black Walnut. $0. After all, walnut is one of the most durable and appealing woods that money can buy. lumber for furniture, lumber for furniture, wood for tables, lumber for tables. Here, we should start by pointing out that there is a difference between how to calculate the pricing for Lumber vs Live Edge Wood Slabs. • Length (ft) x Width (in) x Thickness (in) ÷ 12 Our mission is to encourage people to get interested in woodworking and use their creativity to built masterpieces of art from our inventory of reclaimed urban wood ready to be re-purposed and enjoyed for years to come. *** All walnut slabs and walnut lumber can only be sold kiln dried with the bark removed. size 2″ x 50″ x 13′ Both Rough Slabs $2850 SALE PENDING PO 20-7136 11-20-20 Walnut Log 1120 2.5″ Thick x 13′ Long, KD, Rough Slabs added October 2020 - * These slabs have some twist Get Latest News from Wood From the Hood: Reclaimed Design Trends, Latest Projects, Lumber Store Happenings and Homegoods Promotions. 4/4 Elm, Ash, and White Oak 8/4 Elm and Ash 12/4 Ash, Elm and Silver Maple, 4/4 Walnut, Silver Maple, Red Elm and Hackberry 8/4 Black Walnut, Cherry, and Butternut 12/4 Black Walnut and White Pine, 4/4 Urban Lumber Pricing $5.00-$10.00+ BF depends on species, width and grade, 8/4 Urban Lumber Pricing $7.00-$14.00+ BF depends on species, width and grade, 12/4 Live Edge Slab Pricing $12.00-$25.00+ BF depends on species, width and grade. For example, let’s say that we have a Live Edge Slab measuring: Length 10 ft (120 in) x Width 1.5 ft (18 in) x Thickness (2 in). Live Natural Edge Slabs from offers a Large Selection of Figured Black Walnut Lumber, Spalted Maple Slabs, Live Edge Furniture & Bookmatched Dining Table Tops. To better serve you we are open by appointment Monday thru Friday, 9am – 3pm. From Taxidermy Mount Lumber, Table Top Slabs to Gunstock Blanks we have the Walnut … Walnut is easy to cut, shape and sand, and the wood takes on an amazing look with a clear finish." Color: The heartwood of Black Walnut wood slabs are rich chocolate brown, occcasionally with darker … Various wood grades available including beautiful character-grade live edge and standard lumber. Copyright © 2019 Ponderosa Woodslabs (A Division Of Ponderosa Millworks) – All rights reserved. 1-909-920-5430 … For your convenience, you can use this calculator below which uses the first formula to figure out the cost of Live Edge Wood Slabs for your project. A single board foot measures one square foot (1ft length x 1ft width) x 1″ thick (rough-cut thickness, not the finish-planed thickness). While your typical lumber (at a Lumber or Home Supply Store) is usually sold in one of three ways: by the piece, by the lineal inch, or by the square foot dimensions, a Live Edge Hardwood Slab is calculated using a unit of board foot, which is a measure of the volume of wood and not just the surface area.