ShadowAFC. 2 audio diaries are available. Guides › BioShock Remastered › Trophy Guide. Share Followers 3. 217 User Favourites. Prev; 1; 2; 3; Next; Page 1 of 3 . Transcript: Initial Deployment, Vita-Chamber/Client Ryan Industries.Stage one is complete. Audio Diary Locations . Audio Diaries-----Location-----Notes-----{001} New Year's Eve Alone. By ShadowAFC, July 15, 2013 in Bioshock. For the audio logs made in Columbia, see Voxophone. BioShock is a unique story-driven first person shooter that puts the player in the creepy underwater city of Rapture, and offers a wide variety of weapons, gadgets, biological modifications, enemies and puzzles. One gun upgrade is missable if you do something you shouldn't before … They were recorded by citizens of Rapture, either as notes for themselves or as messages for other residents. Welcome to the BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Audio Diaries locations guide that helps you find the total of 17 Audio Logs locations for the Xbox 360, PS3 & PC / Mac first-person shooter game story DLC. Welcome to Rapture is the first level of BioShock. Playing every audio log … ShadowAFC 10 Posted July 15, 2013. This can be difficult without knowing the locations, especially since you are unable to backtrack like BioShock 1 which making this trophy missable. Recommended Posts. You will find a total of 58 audio diaries in the DLC. Bioshock - Audio Diary, Tonic, Plasmid & Weapon Upgrade Station Locations. This section contains a list of each and every audio diary that can be found in BioShock and their locations. There are 122 audio diaries in all, and they are all listed in coherent order below. Audio diaries are numbered in order of availability. Members; 10 24,750 posts; Share; Posted July 15, 2013 (edited) If you felt compelled to join the forum as a result of this thread, please give me a … Guide; 23 Comments; 3/10 Difficulty 1 Playthrough 15 Hours. audio diaries that are missable, but you'd have to be blind as all hell to miss them to be honest, the rest can be gotten as long as you don't enter the very last room. The audio log has a mesh exclusive to the prototype version of Chapter 1. “Recording the thoughts and lives of Rapture citizens for five years and counting.” ― Advertisement[src] Audio Diaries (or Audio Logs) are the main narrative device in BioShock, BioShock 2, and Burial at Sea. The audio logs are inspired by the audio diaries from the Bioshock series since both shows in written form what has been recorded and show who the person is that recorded the log. 37 Ratings 55,327 Views. They keep saying Plasmid reconstruction this and quantum entanglement that, and then poof, dead people come back to life. Story: Became a Big … {001 - 002} NOTE: Make sure to collect both diaries before going through the hole in the restroom wall, as you will not be able to return after. Bullshit! Sinclair and Alexander tried to explain the science to me, but Suchong does not believe them. Note: if you were unable to collect at least 100 out of the 128 audio diaries, your count will continue over to the DLC Minerva's Den. There's a few (like 3-4 maybe?)