First I will be discussing Orcust, this deck has been in the metagame for some time, taking a top in every event since its debut, and getting 1st in almost all, Orcust is an Archetype of 3 level 1-3-4 monsters (bear in mind that the level 4 is banned) which can summon Orcusts from different places, by banishing themselves from the GY, Brass Bombard (LV 1) summons from hand, Cymbal Skeleton (Level 3) summons from GY, and Harp Horror (level 4, banned) summons from deck.In addition, there is the Orcust Link monsters. Surely the world-saving archetype that the hero wields is undeniably one of the best decks in the game? I dont feel like this even needs to be explained. Along with their already established power I'm predicting that they will be getting a ridiclous boost to their trademark explosivity with the changes coming in Master Rule 5, especially with the non reliance on Link Monsters, alowing them to evolve into a more reliable fusion spam style deck... For my number 3 slot I'm going out on a limb here, following in Dzeeffs footsteps and saying Altergeist will do well in this upcoming format. I really do feel like they are still playable and fun especially when looking from a budget players perspective. Meta Decks and try your hand at some of the best decks such as Zoodiacs or SPYRAL? Duel, trade, and blog with other duelists! Much like the HERO deck that came up earlier in the list, this deck is extremely explosive, just in a different and in my opinion, more versitial way. If you're looking to play budget this format I think it is very dificult to overlook my number 2 choice, Cyber Dragons. Diana the Light Spirit x2. Now,  I'm in no way saying these budget decks WILL do well, but I am saying that when you take them as they are they will likely be extremely good options at the lower price point, also remember that if you feel like I missed anything from either list that the comment section will always be open for you to leave your recomendations and own personal lists. Yes, I know Mali got hit but that doesn't really hurt HEROs as much as it does the other decks he was played in and along with that this deck has really always found a way to be playable within most meta games throughout the history of yugioh including quite a few tops even as recent as last season and I feel like this banlist won't really change that. Top 10 Yu-GI-Oh! 3 Starliege Seyfert1 Black Dragon Collapserpent1 White Dragon Wyverbuster3 Rokket Tracer1 Rokket Recharger2 Silverrokket Dragon2 Magnarokket Dragon2 Absorouter Dragon1 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon1 Destrudo the Lost Dragon’s Frission1 Keeper of the Shrine1 Omni Dragon Brotaur1 Chaos Dragon Levianeer1 Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay3 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring3 Droll & Lock Bird, 3 Quick Launch2 Boot Sector Launch1 Dragon Ravine2 World Legacy Guardragon1 Dragon Shrine1 Foolish Burial3 Cosmic Cyclone, 3 Striker Dragon1 Guardragon Elpy1 Guardragon Pisty1 Hieratic Seal of Heavenly Spheres1 Dragunity Knight – Romulus1 Beat Cop from the Underworld1 Quadborrel Dragon1 Dillingerous Dragon1 Triple Burst Dragon1 Unchained Abomination1 Borrelsword Dragon1 Borreload Savage Dragon1 Draco Berserker of Tenyi, 1 Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend2 Nibiru, the Primal Being2 Dark Ruler No More3 Lightning Storm2 Anti-Spell Fragrance1 Imperial Order1 Red Reboot3 Evenly Matched. Invoked Shaddoll ( Or any Shaddoll, Invoked is best) Where Yu-Gi-Oh! Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn x3. With that out of the way, Lets jump right into things with my top 5 meta decks. Rokket is a deck which has actually been around for a while, but with a new deck arriving in the TCG, one card accidentally allows Rokket to end on 5 disruptions! For the first entry on the list I will be covering the deck that just will not die... Salamangreat has been a huge meta heavyweight ever since its release back in the 2019 Structure Deck: Soulburner. The main deck monsters which are tuners do the following: You can Special summon this card from you hand when X (researcher is when you control an EARTH monster, Seeker is when you control an Adamancipator and Analyzer is when only your opponent controls monsters) and a hard Once Per Turn on the following: You can excavate the top 5 cards of your deck, and if you excavated a Level 4 or lower EARTH non-tuner, you can Special Summon it.