I got rid of that. Amazon has it for ~240 I bought mine for 89 bucks, Another feature is that I can smoke up to a 16lb turkey, and i can crank up he heat to 525 to get a crisp skin, make / model - char broil digital deluxe 725 electric smoker. It was good at the price point for getting my feet wet though! And you set the temp with a low/med/high dial like a caveman. No smoke ring unless i throw a couple chunks of charcoal in the wood box, but that messes with the flavor. There is a mod to put it on a dimmer switch to adjust the power, and I probably need to do that. I am really considering one of these ($200 for the stainless model at Academy right now). Other than that though, not many positives. The wood chips also sometimes have problems falling down after the bottom layer is spent. Also the fact that electric smokers don’t produce a smoke ring, and that I find cabinet style smokers slightly annoying to cook out of, but that’s just nitpicking really. Great for beginners to review when choosing their next smoker. For instance, the digital panel is multi-functional in nature. A number of features have been systemically and creatively combined to enrich your smoking sessions. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Don’t remember exactly what I paid for it, but it was definitely less than $200 and included a cover. A place to discuss techniques, tips, recipes, and pictures of smoking meats, vegetables, fruits, or anything else consumable. was looking at the smokin texes myself, did you compare with a smokin it by any chance? It's the manly crock pot. The only set back is getting the chips to smoke. The bricks cost more but have the convenience or the auto feed. Electric smokers are the truth, get them seasoned, throw something in before work, monitor temperatures on your phone and make adjustments remotely...come home to greatness. I still have it and sometimes use it as a way to keep food and sides warm while I’m waiting for other food to finish cooking. Near heirloom build quality. After some research and a good amount of searching for a good price I found the Char-Broil Simple Smoker with SmartChef Technology. It was a birthday present from my parents. Thanks for this review. It was super easy to learn on and was a great way to get into smoking. It held temperatures really well and made a lot of good barbecue. It controls temperature, time as well as switching the smoker … No needing to run to the store to buy charcoal or propane when you're six beers deep. The set and forget of course was great, and that I could use it in at my apartment. Best For: A clean electric smoker with a moderate size cabinet and fun bluetooth controls. I highly recommend the cold-smoke attachment (about $70 addt'l). Last Christmas (2017) the inlaws got me a 30" electric Masterbuilt smoker. My brother in law has a little chief. It felt cheap and of course lacked temp control. It has an rf controller that can set time/temperature, turn the unit on/off, and monitor meat temperature. I feel like it was a great entry level buy. Yes it is basically an oven with wood chips and some hitech doodads, but I love it. Press J to jump to the feed. I've done pulled pork when it's about 15 out. Some of the most common electric smoker types … You have to pre-soak the smoker wood chips for at least 30 minutes before using it. Just food for thought if you ever wanted to look into additional add ons. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Smoke is actually pretty good. I highly recommend it to people even slightly interested in getting into smoking. For this I use a chefs torch and heat them up once while the cooker is warming up. $299 cdn bought it in the spring. Cons: It is basically an oven with wood chips. Montreal smoked meat with homemade artisan garlic parmesan bread. I’ve used a Hasty Bake and KBQ for ribs and find the Smokette gets me 90-95% of the quality with zero attention after starting. Insulated, and it seemed to do well during some of the warmer winter days when I tried it. Charbroil maybe? My goal was to be able to smoke meats, do it as easy as possible, conserve space (I have little) for a low cost. When I got the MB it was the only smoker I had. https://www.thekitchyn.com/best-smoker-grill-reviews/. Set it and forget it smoking. Simple to use, truly set and forget. Donna Currie. This was my Canada day meal. that makes the high cost of entry harder to justify, while used ones are out there they rarely come up for sale. Here is one for an example: http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=261492115084&category=159926&pm=1&ds=0&t=1407758269000&ver=0. The only main con was the size really. It has incredible temperature control features as well. Double walled, insulated, heavy gauge stainless steel construction. The MB has been relegated to salmon and cheese. Maybe not enough airflow inside? Excellent heat control regardless of outside temps. Electronics are bulletproof, will last for decades. Masterbuilt 30-Inch Digital Electric Smoker… Do you have an electric smoker or have used one in the past? The 10 Best Electric Smokers for 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide. 10/10 would buy again. Fine for smoking, but a few times i needed a bit more heat. It self cleans, has an even heat distribution, I can have fun while setting the cooking temp and setting the meat temp. If you can find one $200-$500 used, depending on condition. Made a brisket and pork shoulder for the family. Seems like the SI can go quite a bit hotter and has bigger shelves for larger cuts at the same price point. A number of features have been systemically and creatively combined to enrich your smoking sessions. Pros: Set it and forget it. The Smokehouse electric smoker is one of the best affordable electric smokers in the market. In … Pros: The ability to set it at 245, fill the cold smoker with wood chips, and not think about it until the timer goes off. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Racks are only 14x14, can’t fit whole brisket, even ribs need heavy trimming or cut in half. I don't have to worry about open flames or charcoal. Nirbhay Singh Follow on Twitter Send an email November 2, 2020. The UDS is my first choice for pork and beef. I have a 30” smoke hollow. Find the best digital electric smoker plus the smoking chips at once and say bye to your present smoking hassles. So far I loved it in the winter but now in the warmer temps I can't get it to smoke. Complete waste of time in my eyes. Temperature controller and built in meat probe. Share. Everyone knows white wine goes best with dogs. Bradley original 4 shelf. The minimum temperature this machine can handle is about 165 F that lets you cook salmon and other tender items on … So, when it comes to maintaining safety, using an electric smoker is the best. I kind of miss that. inch of cooking space; Vertical 724” cabinet style; Viewing window #3 Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker. Throw chips in there every hour or two and drink next to it like you're cooking. Needs something to sit on so you aren't constantly crouching. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. They generally are just cut up pieces of tube metal that are the same size as your puck so you can place in the column and take a break from the smoke during the cook. It burns too hot when it's on, and doesn't get enough air to sustain smoke if you try turning it off after a while. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You can buy a cold smoker kit which would solve this. ( electric, offset, others). Received as a gift, but it was/is around $170. Cold smokes down 100 degrees. You can buy a cold smoker kit which would solve this. Not enough smoke at lower temps.