The ribs get the dose of the stronger hickory flavor, plus develop a lovely red ring, but also have the sweet & 'mellowness' I like from the applewood. After, I put it on my smoker… I smoke with wood of cherry for half hour, maple for an anther hour and repeat 2 times again. There are two types of oak wood – Red oak gives a sweeter flavor as compared to white. Strong but not overpowering, good for sausages, beef or lamb. My personal recommendation is, of course, the apple, oak and peach wood chips! Some sausages like German or Polish Hunter Sausages develop their characteristic flavors and aromas by adding juniper branches or berries to the fire. Good for poultry, pork. Hot water penetrates wood all the way through. At this time, my sausage take the weather . Good with poultry, pork, Black Walnut - heavy flavor, can impart bitter taste if not monitored carefully. When I finish the sausage, I let dry outside (it’s very easy in this time in november) for 4-6 hours. Peach - mild, sweet flavor. Here is another question that never seems to go out of fashion: “what’s better, wet or dry”. Good on fish, poultry, pork. This recipe is very very good. Cold smoke warms the surface of the meat up very finely, just enough to allow the moisture to evaporate. It’s most popular for smoking ham, bacon, pork roasts, sausages, big game steaks and jerky. This wood will burn quickly and cleanly, but will not be suitable for smoking. This is escaping vapor and boiling particles of water. Strong Tasting Smoke Species. Hickory : This wood is the “King” of smoking woods and is the most popular of all the types. The only way to make them really wet is to cover them with boiling water and leave them in it. Southwest region. Oak - probably best all around wood for meat smoking. Good with red meats and game. Hickory is especially good with beef and lamb. Traditionally used for smoking salmon. They contain too much resin and the finished product has a turpentine flavor to it. It burns slowly and gives hot smoke. Alder - light flavor that works well with fish and poultry. When smoking in a home made barrel smoker with a fire pit in the bottom part of the drum, it is much easier to control the smoking process by using dry chips. Wood chips produce good smoke when wet and they decrease temperature, but the moment they become dry, they burst into flames and the temperature shoots up. For practical reasons a home sausage maker will probably use oak or hickory most of the time. This would also prevent fat from dripping down on the wood chips and starting a big fire. Oak wood gives a medium to heavy smoking flavor to meat and is particularly popular with many fans of smoked meats. Wet wood can be recognized immediately because of the hissing sound it creates when burned. … Smoked products develop light brown to brown color, depending on the length of smoking. A freshly cut tree contains 50% moisture, the dried wood about 25%. The wood used for smoking should be relatively new and kept in a well ventilated but covered area. Smoked products develop reddish color. Citrus - lemon, grapefruit, orange, nectarine – light fruity flavor, good with fish, poultry, pork and beef. After, I put it on my smoker… I smoke with wood of cherry for half hour, maple for an anther hour and repeat 2 times again. Now that you know which are the best types of wood for smoking meat, it is time to get some great recipes too. By using wet wood when hot smoking, we moisten the surface of the product, aiding the smoking. Juniper is the main ingredient for making gin, so we know it has to be a fine element. Apple - mild, fruity flavor, slightly sweet. Mesquite - very strong flavor, burns hot and fast. Wood Chips – We'll help you choose the right type in the section below. Any hardwood is fine, but evergreen trees like fir, spruce, pine, or others cause problems.