If you’re looking for more dot, click, point it directly where the beater strikes the drum head. 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The D6 microphone can handle very high SP levels without having distortion sounds. The stand mount is already integrated into this mic design and as is common with the Sennheiser, you get a shocking ten-year warranty. If some additional budget is accessible to you, Sennheiser also offers the E 902. This kick drum mike is the excellent selection for anyone that's trying to mix quality sound and durability. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. If you want a crisp but also a deep tone of your kick drum, the D6 might just be a perfect choice. Using a Bass Drum mic for Kick and Floor Tom; Miking the Snare, Hi- Hat, Toms, Timbale, and Percussions; Drum Microphone Requirements. Audix is a brand that supplies all music stores and online sellers with great products that can last a lifetime. With a frequency response from 20Hz to 16kHz, shows some sensible boosts around the 60Hz and 5-15kHz regions, which provides it some good 'thump' sound while still delivering definition (click). The 52A is one of Shure’s affordable mics, and definitely the latest product in their evolution of finding perfect bass drum sound with minimal setup such as EQ, comp, etc. This is the standard way to mic a kick drum if you have the outside head off or if a hole is cut in it. Drum Mic Bundle with, sE Electronics V Pack Club Package, 2 Boom Mic Stands, 1 Compact Bass Drum/Amp Mic Stand, 1 Drum/Amp Tripod Tele-Boom Stand, and 6 XLR 20' Mic Cables $1,029.00. This way, you will be able to manipulate the sound easily. * Shift polarity on one of them and blend them into the desired balance, controlling the “kick” sound and the low frequency component. The Beta 52 is best 1 to 2 inches in front of the kick port hole. Perfect! This model, E 602-II, maintains the slick style and most of the characteristics that made the original such a successful product. However, it slightly alters the frequency response for a 'deeper' sound. It weighs only 440g, which makes it the perfect travel companion. So, the first thing you need to do is to tune your bass drum properly and after that comes a more complicated part – muffling (damping). Or $10/month§ for 48 months i. It will require you to have a hole in it. Internal Miking System | Integrated Non Drill (IND) Mounting to the drum's existing lug casing fasteners and cabling routed through the drum's vent hole with the provided patented AVC connector, the MAY IND provides a non invasive, maximum impact miking system for your snare, floor, rack tom and kick drum without any drilling. It's very important that you have a good drum microphone, your bass drum plays an important role in your overall sound. That would be one for the outside, and the other for the inside of the bass drum. Place the mic 2 to 3 inches away from the inside head and a couple of inches off center. This has a very fast attack and response time which is of very important especially if you are playing with a double bass kick drum pedal. We will present some basic variants for miking your drum. If you are looking for a solid cheap bass drum mic but don't want to spend $200 on a Beta52, D6, etc. You will have a low frequency and a deep sound from a mic, which is from the outside, and you will have that clicky, dotted sound from the microphone that is inside. The bass drum can benefit from a two-microphone setup, one on the stroke side and one on the front side. If you fill the whole drum with pillows and blankets, you will totally cut off all air flow in it. In other words, the AKG MkII is as good as bass drum mics can get!