Which leaves you with small doelings having to give birth, large goats you can get your hand in there and rearrange kids and pull, with pygmy's you can't and small pygmy's it is very hard. at about 6 months old provided they are well grown and mature but the aftercare of these “kidded kids” needs to be especially good if the goat’s full potential is to be realised. Does may be mated when 10 to 15 months old so that they kid at the age of 15 to 20 months. Thankful Thursday. 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Disclosure. Replies: 4 Views: 1439 Doelings that are 1-year-old and ready for breeding are often called yearlings. Started by Connor. I’ve kept a couple older does just because I liked them and they act as a sort of nanny or grandma to the younger ones keeping them calm and teaching them to come when I call. Ive heard 8 years but im not possitive. Ive heard 7-8 months, a year, etc so I would like some clarification. I will not breed my girl until she is over a year. As a couple of you know I got some pygmy goat kids a couple of weeks ago. JavaScript is disabled. Ive met people that live off of breeding their animals and boy do I hate them! How old do pygmy does have to be to be bred? Twins are … Goats have a very specific breeding cycle, which begins at puberty and continues as the does -- female goats -- go into heat, mate with bucks -- male goats -- and reproduce. Replies: 1 Views: 6822 January 21, 2010, 08:02:31 pm by hexhammeasure: How to stop sheep eating trees. So in advance I would like to ask 3 questions on breeding Pygmy goats. Goat breeding cycles follow a regular, careful schedule. 7 1/2 week old chick with sour or impacted crop!! If you want a goat that is "giving milk right away," buy one that's already had babies this year. It is better to breed the female once a year. 1: Does can be bred at 7-8 months of age if they have reached good size, but some breeders do wait until a year old(Theres even a few that wait until they are 24 months to 2 years old). So in advance I would like to ask 3 questions on breeding Pygmy goats. Although they can come into puberty and breed does as early at 4 months of age, waiting until a buck is a year of age to start using him for breeding is best. A breeding pair, and since then Ive gotten 2 more that are bottle babies. Most breeding occurs in late summer through early winter. Started by Buffy the eggs layer. Doelings (female goats) are generally ready to breed at 8-12 months of age. However, waiting until they are at least 80% of their adult size (or more) and at least 1-year-old is vital to their long-term health. You can do whatever you like. Female kids will come into season in their first autumn (September to December), and could be mated at this time i.e. Dairy goats are usually seasonal breeders. Schedule. It depends on the goat when you stop breeding them. The average gestation period is 151 ±3 days. Keep in mind also, that goats are seasonal breeders. The gestation period is five months. So just because the does can get pregnant at 2 - 3 months doesn't mean you want to breed them then either. 3. First let me start by saying PLEASE, DO NOT "run" your buck with you does. I have Pygmy goats and we justs got a girl who has had a kid before and two Nigerian dwarf goats (same height a Pygmy ) how do you breed them like not when as in months but how do you just stick them in a pen and wait or what. I just said there are some people that do and that I retire my animals at a certain age. Started by countrygirlatheart. How to breed goats. I just love pygmies! You will be unable to prepare and you will risk loosing babies. As you learn about goat breeding, it's important to first learn some of the basic … You must log in or register to reply here. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Some goats can be made to kid twice in 18 months. There was one incident where someone found a 24 year old female goat, which is quite a good age for this animal. She explained it to me like this: Say you have a 12 year old daughter that can get pregnant at 12 but that doesn't mean you would want to breed her at 12 years old. How old (if at all) are bucks when they get too old to breed and start shooting blanks. PLEASE DO NOT guess someone is doing something just because they ask a couple of questions! I’ve had some that I’ve quit breeding after 8 years and others I’ve had up to 12. I was getting a billy but I have decided to wait because I have read and read that they need to be at least a year old. I DO plan on breeding them (as a hobby) a couple of times though so I wanted to know this info. Because of this you will be unable to give the doe proper prenatal care and also will have no idea when she is due to kid. I DO NOT see my animals as breeding machines. Many goat owners do not attempt to breed doelings until they are at least 80% of their adult weight. If you do, you will have no control over breeding and will have no idea when to expect kids. Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures. Males that you want to be more friendly, sterile companions can … Thirsty Three Times Think Thickish. Male goats can breed as young as 7 weeks old. A common age for breeding is between 10 and 12 months. Quote:I understood what you meant and in no way were you implying that the op wwas a mass breeder. Stay tuned for the first newsletter in the morning, straight to your inbox. Some goats can breed out of season. The breeding cycle culminates in a kid -- a baby goat. at what age do young sheep stop growing? So, if a doe must be at least 135 pounds to meet the breed standards, a doeling would need to be at least 110 pounds to be considered fit for breeding. Breeding seasons will, therefore, vary with breed, locality and climate.