My nose doesn’t bleed in a/c & there is NO comparison for me to a/c when it’s hot AF. I bought an Artic Air from Wal-Mart and happy with the product. I have been getting spam emails from a different company looking to sell me one for $90. They cannot do what the swamp cooler did even though they use the same theory. 14 of 16 people found this review helpful. It wined, would only reach fan level 1, limped along, and then died. It looks like you go on here every few days to dominate the situation. I opted for replace and it was mailed out quickly. I wish i had read the reviews before buying. Problem is it states it can run on water reservoir for up to 8 hours. It was empty and was off. I find the Facebook advertisements insulting to basic intelligence. I bought this 2 days ago at bed, bath and beyond. The biggest way that the Artic Air Cooler is different from competitors is that it is much more portable and cheap. As you can see the offer was a double offer-which I take it to mean you buy one and get one. I noticed the water level stayed the same, so I am getting pretty good in fixing this, took the white tiny thing , loose little bit, got it leaking. It can also take a long time to find a good place for an air conditioning unit or fan, but the Arctic Air Cooler is so small that it can be set down almost anywhere. I just received my unit 2 weeks ago. My next comments will be with the attorney general’s office. Cooling is a by product of the use of AC. Very cheap product. It's a joke. Very dry room air can occur with outside sub freezing temperatures. Once I opened it out it was great even on the lowest setting. I received an email confirming order cancellation. Someone in the comments sayid , the people who is complaining and making negative comments should know this is not a condition unit and I agree. I don't see what the big fuss is about customer service. Easy assembly but one must be directly in front of unit to have slightly cool air. When the agent came back on the phone, the unit took that moment fo fail also! I want a refund, and maybe there should be a class action lawsuit filed against this company, for false advertisment. It is recommended that the user clean it regularly so that the built-up residue does not affect its continual use. We live in a humid area and I do not need more humidity in the air. BOUGHT 2 one has been working well for weeks just opened and tried the 2nd one and it leaks water badly emptied it and retried again it leaked badly almost immediately -tried again with a small amount of water and watch the level lower in a minute leaking out water --not happy. It’s true. I bought this little unit at Home Depot as a temporary back-up for. Save your money for something that works. Oh gee, we have an Einstein over here berating everyone. 5 mins later. For any air conditioning system to work, you must take the hot air inside and put it outside. So I put a little white vinegar in the water. I had it on my night stand which is right against my bed and I can't feel it laying in bed. I was on the Arctic Air site reading the reviews there and they were ALL positive. I am very disappointed in the Artic Air. Hey, what do you want for $39.99? – Because of the very small size of the unit, its cooling power is very limited and this is why they call it a “Personal Space” cooler because you literally have to be very close to the unit to feel its effects. The infomercial clearly is a scam and shows double the offer for 2 payments of $19.95. In my living room, I have a large evaporatorative cooler. Search Sri Lankan Plantations, Tyre, Furniture, Plastics, Rubber, Automatives and Lightings Manufacturers and Exporters and Imports in the World - Sri Lanka Largest and Leading Financial Services Provider and leading Supermarket Chain in Sri Lanka. Don't be like me this is your fair warning. *Phone: 800-555-5555 I purchased it having seen it in Target and thought it would come in handy during the extremely hot days in Los Angeles…I was right. I love the belt. The breathable quality of natural latex keeps you warmer in winter and cooler during summer. It states use a regular plug in the wall power source. I have not seen an issue with bleeding sinuses from extremely dry air from an AC. Your arm pits & crotch will be soaking wet with sweat. ..hhhhhh… NO!…the cooler doesnt cool and leaks big time… do not…. A cheap fan one fourth of the price of this thing will beat its ass. It doesn't even blow out hard -- you literally need to put your face up close to the cooler to feel the air. I’ve had my Arctic Air for 6 months. Thank God, my bank refused to let it go through. There are 3 issues with this unit that consumers need to be aware of before making a purchase decision: Stay cool! Little Artic Air does not meet any of these requirements. Take it back to them and they will return your money. ... Air Cooler Symphony. And water does not cool to any degree, and adds moisture to the air.