I already owned 2 and needed a 3rd microphone for my podcast. I've gotten some great recordings with my synth, guitar, and OP-1 out of my DeVille. Phone Hours | Accurate sound, Solid construction, Multiple patterns, Shockmount, and Case are it's best features. My Avantone CK-6 has a 10dB Pad, and between the two I can get some great sounding acoustic guitar tracks. This one in my opinion sounds almost as good as the expensive ones. The small diaphragm mics I've owned either don't have adequate sensitivity, or (worse yet) so much sensitivity that I get rumble from the street 200' away. To an extent, that is how this mic sounds (at least the bright part) - but in my opinion it is also much "cleaner" sounding and less "brittle/harsh" than many affordable mics I've heard. I expected it to sound like the typical budget-friendly, hyped-and-bright mics that I generally have access to. Give these mics a try. 5501 U.S. Hwy 30 W, Fort Wayne, IN 46818 I sing in a Southern Gospel Trio and wanted to use a studio mic in a live performance situation. Aside from a kick and snare mic, two of these mics placed in strategic positions is all that is needed to capture the entire drum kit with excellent results. I've used this mic in figure 8 pattern with an Octava MK012 in mid-side on acoustic guitar - exceptional! You can also call us toll free at (800) 222-4700, Mon-Thu 9-9, Fri 9-8, and Sat 9-7 Eastern. To tell you the truth, you wouldn"t be able to tell this... mic from 1,000 mic. I selected this microphone for my home studio because the price was right and the multi-polar pattern feature sounded nice! At its price point, I didn't expect much. I just picked up this mic for my home studio. With this mic being generally brighter-sounding, but overall clean and clear, I end up with a demo track that is pre-mixed and really doesn't need much eq. In order to add new products we have to empty your current cart. I have gotten a great sound out of it ! Had doubts that a... condenser mic would give me a clear awesome sound. We have to make some EQ adjustments, depending on sound source, but honestly, the P420 is the one budget priced mic that earned itself a home in the mic locker when we were able to upgrade to much better mics. Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. Come to find out this month is Microphone sales month. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. I would describe its character as more "modern" than "vintage". I also did not want to spent a lot of money as we would only use it in limited venues. They're definitely a great company focused on customer satisfaction. Good quality microphone for the price! Luckily, I did not let it fall down and caught the microphone, saving it from possible harm. These are great for their price, capture sound wonderfully and are very durable. It costs less than two 58s and it has 3 switchable patterns. I used it with an AKG220 on a live, 2-mic drum recording, it sounded great(had a chance to find that the rarely used 220 is pretty decent,too;they have an AKG "sound") The different polar patterns are nice to have! Noise levels for this mic are within the same low range as the Bluebird from Blue and AKG's own C214. I was ready for a mic with better sound options than my old trusty SM58, and this item caught my eye. AKG P420 Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone Reviews. Excellent shock-mount is included,too. Great to work with Sweatwater too - excellent folks who really care about customer satisfaction. I love it for that. 4 stars, solid! Keep in mind, this is behind a five foot plexi-glass shield with five foot Clearsonic sound absorption panels behind the kit. I've tracked vocals, acoustic guitar, and an upright bass with it. The P420 condenser microphone delivers a warm, transparent sound quality perfectly suited for ensemble recording, grand piano, woodwind and brass instruments, as well as drums and percussion. I have been using AKG microphones as far back as mid seventies, including the famous D 24 ( I wish I had one today), so the beautiful performance of this condenser microphone was something I anticipated. This mic is excellent at reproducing the highs of the cymbals and the deep lows of the toms at the same time. Sounds consistently good through PreSonus, Focusrite, and Audient mic pre-s I use! When I first started looking for a couple of ambient mics to capture the cymbals and toms of our church acoustic drum kit, this one came on my radar almost immediately. com.demandware.beehive.xcs.internal.catalog.CatalogCategoryPO@f09dc30d(com.demandware.beehive.orm.internal.state2.RelationalObjectInstanceState@b9c94a8[com.demandware.beehive.core.capi.domain.PersistentObjectPOKey(com.demandware.beehive.xcs.internal.catalog.CatalogCategoryPO) [61e4250bb01e149f1e04ae3ec8]]), https://no.akg.com/condenser-microphones/P420.html?dwvar_P420_color=Black-GLOBAL-Current. With a metal body it has a feeling of quality in your hands and does not disappoint as you use it. I have their model C1000s, for years now, very very accurate sound. All rights reserved. My favorite thing to do is switch to the figure 8 polar pattern and set the mic between me and my piano with the mic very close to me. It seems to like indirect sound sources. Huge bang for your buck! I am very happy that I gave it a try! I bought this mic to replace an similar, older AKG that got damaged, so I pretty much knew what I was getting. I'm still waiting on their suggestions but I'm sure they're going to be a great help. The sound quality blew me away; it picks up just about everything. Guitar : Dadarwood D30 GAC Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Holy cow... stunning clarity from the acoustics (D28 and LL16). We noticed that you already have products in your cart. The case and shock-mounts are added bonuses, for sure. I just picked up a 2nd one for my very basic home/portable studio. Considering the price, pattern options, bass roll-off switch and 20dB pad....it's a smart option for budget minded musicians. I bought this mic to record vocals. I tried a couple large diaphragm mics with little success, then borrowed a friend's P420. My p420 now proudly sits atop a mic stand beside my work station and acts as my "Hey, let's track that!" AKG puts out great quality microphones. I have to give a shout out to a P420 we have been using lately. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. I have a Behringer B-1 but wanted something better so I bought this AKG P420. The option to switch between 3 settings is great. It works well on acoustic guitar, producing a rich, homogenous sound that balances warmth with detail, again without making the highs seem brittle or forced. A friend had been sending me recordings on iPhone earbud mics and he wanted to come to my place and record on better equipment. Thank you Cody Kruss, for your input and advice! Good preamps help a few shine beyond expectations; all sound decent through my stock ONYX interface preamps. I recently upgraded hihats to $600 ones and wanted a worthy microphone to get EVERY nuance of our investment for new albums and for SURE this does it. It sounds great, works well for close mic'ing (Which is important for those of us in untreated home studios) and seems sturdy enough. It will perform well for you in just about every recording situation. Although a seemingly bargain condenser microphone, the AKG P420 compares quite favorably to the C214 in both tone and smoothness. In order to add spare parts we have to empty your current cart. Good enough mic if you're trying to do some in-house recording. Sweetwater Sound No coloring, other than the top end I mentioned. This item is currently not available to order online directly from AKG. We use it with an Avantone CK-6 for a dual mic set-up on acoustic guitars, also use them for that famous 2-mic drum hack. Just using it for home studio recording. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! Our church drum kit has never sounded so good. The 3-pickup patterns are like free extras, kick up the 4 star rating to a 4.5! I contacted Sweetwater asking if I could trade up my microphone without any penalties. I plugged it in and started getting some test tracks recorded and I LOVE this things. Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. Everything you love about Sweetwater in the palm of your hand. Thank you for your request. That"s how convinced I am. It does a great job for me. It puts out what it takes in. better than my Blue Microphone's Baby Bottle AND THAT sounds amazing! testing it with vocals IT BLEW ME AWAY! I highly recommend it for those vocalist who are looking to have a inexpensive mic with a great sound coming out. Not only am I trading up. And, as always, keep your audio shopping stress-free and buy from Sweetwater. If you are looking for a high quality but cost efficient mic for live micing your drums, then this mic is an excellent choice. Also, those are some tough little cases they come with, nice. Came across this mic at one of my college recording classes.