These prices are for the G702 only. The last sections in the header refer to the pay application and the contract itself. This is where the Continuation Sheet comes in handy; you’ll need to complete it in order to get the total for line 4. You can even create your own Excel documents that completes the calculations for you. For all document details and a record of changes, see the summary  ». To get this figure, add line 2 to line 1 (if line 2 is a negative number, adding it to line 1 will reduce the total amount). This guide will provide all you need to know about filling out your AIA G702 Application and Certificate for Payment. In this section, you write the amount of the percentage withheld in lines 5a and 5b. At first glance, the AIA G702-1992 seems relatively simple. The AIA ® Document G702–1992 is both the contractor’s request for payment as well as the architect’s certification (determining whether … Or you can download our free, customizable Levelset pay application template here. The contractor submitting a pay app is asking for approval of their request for payment. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) produces one of the most widely used pay apps, also known as the AIA G702-1992. Aia Form G703 Free Download. The below screen shot is for the American template (supports printing to AIA Document G702*). They said they wanted more detailed invoice. Aia Form G702 Free Download. A negative number means that you deducted, or reduced, the amount of work from the contract. What Do I Do If I Miss a Preliminary Notice Deadline? ninth? The form also allows the architect to certify an amount different … The contractor submitting the pay application should leave this section blank. In fact, many projects may “request” AIA forms, but not require that the contractor pay for a new form from the AIA for each payment. They cover all types of delivery methods and additional contract documents that may be needed on a construction project, and work with one another to set up the AIA progress billing process. How to File a Mechanics Lien: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide For Any State, How Do Mechanics Liens Work? Yet another reason why having a document retention strategy is helpful! 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The steps required in a project’s journey to completion are importation to how successful the project will be. The first pay application you submit is always the easiest because nothing has changed yet. They are drafted to be not only legal but fair and flexible for both parties to the contract. That number is the full amount of retainage that is withheld through the current application. Users are encouraged to consult an attorney before completing or modifying a document. The original contract price is exactly as it sounds, the original contract price. On this line, you will subtract previous payments that you have already received. The forms require the contractor to show the status of the contract sum to date, including the total dollar amount of the work completed and stored to date, the amount of retainage (if any), the total of previous payments, a summary of change orders, and the amo… Aia G703 Excel Template Free. And accuracy is key! AIA Document G702®–1992, Application and Certificate for Payment, and G703–1992, Continuation Sheet, provide convenient and complete forms on which the contractor can apply for payment and the architect can certify that payment is due. The contractor submits the AIA ® forms G706 affidavit along with the final request for payment aka final invoice. The AIA G702 serves as both the contractor’s application and the architect’s certification. It’s a one-page form with some contact information and 9 payment fields. It... What Most Don’t Understand About California Lien Rights. Can A Contractor File A Mechanics Lien If They Didn’t Finish The Work? The practice of retainage, aka retention, has a tremendous impact on the construction industry. This section involves filling out all of the “header” information at the top of the AIA G702 pay application. This includes the name and address of the owner, the party requesting payment, the architect (if applicable), and the project itself. Line 2 could be positive or negative. 17 Ways a Lien Gets You Paid. Some documents commonly submitted with pay applications are: Follow the language in the contract, and provide as much detail as possible. They can also be deductive change orders. Do I Have to Sign a Lien Waiver to Get Paid? The completed form contains the name and address of the Contractor. After reviewing the pay application, the continuation sheet, and any other documents, they will certify the amount of payment. The first? However, as the project progresses, the calculations can become increasingly difficult. The total billable amount for the pay app will be the difference between the “total earned less retainage” on line 6 and the “previous certificates for payment” indicated in line 7. I emailed imy invoice to a company I did work for. When filling out the G702, you can pull the amount for line 4 straight from “Grand Total” on the Continuation Sheet. The completed G702® and G703 should be forwarded to the Owner. Why You Should Send Preliminary Notice Even If It's Not Required. Remember, change orders don’t just add work. A representative will respond in a timely manner. This article will focus on how to properly fill out the AIA G702 form. It’s a one-page form with some contact information and 9 payment fields. The costs should match those on the Schedule of Values. What is a construction payment application? AIA Document G702® –1992, Application and Certificate for Payment, and G703®–1992, Continuation Sheet, provide convenient and complete forms on which the contractor can apply for payment and the architect can certify that payment is due. aia document g702 application and certificate for payment may 1983 edition aia @1983 the american institute of architects, 1735 new york avenue,n.w. The Architect should then initial all figures on G702, The Owner should make payment directly to the Contractor based on the amount certified by the Architect on AIA Document G702. ), and the “period to date.” This date is the last date of the billing period that the application covers. Ultimate Guide to Preliminary Notice in Construction. However, if both parties agree that notarization isn’t necessary, they can amend the contract. All of these elements make it the perfect tool to map your plans for every part of your lifetime and, furthermore, to check out by on them.