How to Upgrade Gear. In AC Odyssey, Obsidian Glass is used to upgrade gear and upgrade your ship. I was continually replacing gear as i went along until around 50 when i started completing legendary sets. 5. The Best Places To Get Wood, The Rarest Resource. Perks Of Improving Your Gear. from 50-70 I upgraded the ones I used regularly about every 5 levels. Improve Gear By Upgrading. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is one of the most customizable games the series has seen so far. I have no idea why I was lower on wood than I was literally anything else in AC Odyssey, but for ship upgrades … One way to improve your gear is to upgrade it. Check out this guide to find out how to get more Obsidian Glass in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Going through Assassin's Creed Odyssey can be tough, but improving your armor and weapons … Odyssey has a huge system of engravings that add buffs and bonuses to gear: +10% warrior damage, +5% damage to Spartans, and so on. So, engrave and upgrade your gear and you’ll find yourself in the shoes of a much deadlier assassin in no time. Every piece of gear in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has a level and value to it, and while you’ll find some variations of gear throughout your time in the game, you’re eventually going to start finding rarer items that you’ll want to hold onto despite the … This time around, not only can you pick who want to … and wood, well just drop the difficulty to easy and ram every ship you find :) if there would be no MT's then you still would have to upgrade your gear for a certain cost from which i do not think that it would be significantly lower, i do not know a single game in which your gear upgrades with your level for free and especially in the AC series ressource costs for upgrades are there since a time before MT's came into the singleplayer. This will make it so you don't have to buy the ore from the in game store also. as too how to get the materials, raiding forts for their chests is a great way to get tons of materials. Upgrade 2: +25% Bracing Dammage Reduction, +25% Fire Reduction Upgrade 2 Cost: 835 Metal, 1390 Leather, 11 Ancient Tablets, 14,740 Drachmae List of Ship Cosmetics