Each American Walnut Company log is labeled with an inventory control … click to hide ALL. Plain Grade Wood Stock. Walnut Gunstocks Blanks For Sale in all Species and Grades. California Bastogne Walnut Tree; Claro Walnut Milling and Drying; Walnut Art Galleries ; The Woodnut. Gunstock Blanks; Project Wood; Pistol Grips / Knife Scales / Duck Calls; Walnut Jewelry Boxes; Art Galleries; Contact; Our Process. $100 → $200; $300 → $400; Claro 2 piece. Claro Walnut or California Black Walnut is a type of wood that can range in color from pale brown to dark chocolate brown. click to hide ALL. $100 → $200 ; $300 → $400; Claro 2 piece. Fancy . The Woodnut WN Staff 2020-05-14T08:27:13-07:00 Claro Walnut, Bastogne & English Walnut Supply est. One of a Kind Gun Blanks rescued from Old Claro Walnut Walnut Trees . Blemishes in the wood grain have been repaired so that they are not visible after finishing. There may be several different grades within the fancy category. Structurally similar to Eastern Black Walnut, Claro Walnut is considered to be the most desirable of all the walnuts due to it’s wide variation of color and figure. click to hide ALL. This is the lowest quality of wood stock you can get. click to hide ALL. The Black walnut is a very hairy straight grained even coloured wood that is not always very attractive for gun stocks. click to hide Gun Blanks - ALL Claro ALL Claro 1 piece. view 0 cart. 1976. English Walnut Walnut Gunstock Blanks for custom rifles, shotguns and pistols. If you are looking at Claro sapwood, it may be nearly white in color. American Walnut Company is one of the premier American black walnut gunstock manufacturing mills in the world. In either case, the wood grain pattern will mostly be straight, but not always. American Walnut CompanyAmerican black walnut logs are harvested exclusively from mature (30-50 years old) trees grown in the five state region of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma and Nebraska. view 0 cart. click to hide ALL. click to hide Gun Blanks - ALL Claro ALL Claro 1 piece. It may also have darker streaks of color or a hint of green, gray, red, or purple. click to hide ALL. $100 → $200; $300 → $400; Claro 2 piece. Claro Walnut 2pc Gunstock Blanks (27) Claro Walnut Walnut Gunstock Blanks. Questions About Pricing and Payment How much do your gunstock blanks cost? Supplier of Highly Figured Walnut. Gun Blanks from Standard to Exhibiton Grade of English, Claro and Bastonge Walnut for One or Two Pieces Rifles and Shotguns. Most of the wood is procured from locations in Northern California and Oregon. Circassian walnut and Turkish walnut come from Persian Gulf countries. click to hide Gun Blanks - ALL Claro ALL Claro 1 piece. We carry maple, myrtle and walnut (English, Claro, American Black, Bastogne, Circassian). Where do you get your gunstock wood? The Claro walnut shows more patterning and sometimes produces some of the most beautiful stocks we can find. It is cheaper than all others and may be made of lighter weight wood. view 0 cart. Wood Gun Stock Grades. Standard to Exhibiton grade gun blanks from the Finest Quality Old English Walnut Walnut Trees. Gunstock Blanks. $1 → $100; $100 → $200; $300 → $400; $500 → $600; $700 → $800 ; $900 → $1000; English ALL English 1 piece.