How to become a corporate sponsor

More than a five-day event, Flip is a means of cultural expression that connects with the town that hosts it every year.

By becoming a partner, a company is investing in the preservation and support of Brazil’s cultural and artistic heritage, in the appreciation of Brazilian literature and its recognition abroad, and in the encouragement of reading and literary creation. These permanent and ongoing values and actions go beyond Flip and are developed by Casa Azul all year round.

Contact our ‘Partners’ staff and find out more about the different sponsorship categories and possibilities that involve tailor-made visibility actions aligned with your company’s communication plan.

Financial support can be managed through incentive laws including Rio de Janeiro State’s ‘ICMS’ and the ‘Rouanet Law’, as well as through marketing budgets. Contact us by writing to

Flip is even better with you – come and take part!

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