Every year since 2003, Flip has offered a unique experience infused with literature. Always staged together with the town that hosts it, the festival is more than an event, it is a cultural statement. As an ongoing interaction with the arts, it provides experiences focused above all on diversity.

On the margins of the Perequê-Açu River, in a marquee especially mounted for the festival, authors meet for conversations that cover different themes, including theater, cinema and science. Flip also offers an extensive programme that stays true to its founding principles: originality, intimacy, informality, a special meeting between writers and the public and, above all, permanent activities. ‘Flipinha’, ‘FlipZona’ and ‘FlipMais’ make up the festival programme, with activities that combine children’s and youth literature, performance, debates, theatre and the visual arts.

Every year, Flip pays tribute to a Brazilian author as a way of preserving, perpetuating, spreading and appreciating both the Portuguese language and the literature of Brazil. Chosen by the festival curator, the central themes are presented by a strong group of writers. Salman Rushdie, Don DeLillo, Ariano Suassuna, Isabel Allende, Neil Gailman, Angélica Freitas, Toni Morrison and Chico Buarque are just some of the names that have visited Paraty. As customary, presenting the new generation of authors is an essential part of the Flip programme.

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